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November 7, 2011
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Russell is one of the great care providers at AnMed Health!

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AnMed Health

Congratulations to Russell Hendrix, a charge nurse in the ICU, on being named the 2017 AnMed Health STAR of the Year.

On his way home after working a 12-hour sh...ift in August, Hendrix, who is also a volunteer fireman, got a call to assist EMS with a patient at her home in Iva. When he arrived, Hendrix noted that the patient was conscious, but very short of breath and her condition was deteriorating quickly. Suspecting she may have a pulmonary embolism, he helped the EMTs get the patient into the ambulance and then climbed aboard himself to help them care for her en route to the emergency room. Shortly after they got on the road, the patient went limp and no longer had a pulse. Hendrix immediately put his critical care expertise into action, beginning chest compressions and giving instructions to the others which ultimately saved the patient’s life. The patient was admitted to the ICU the next day, where Hendrix was able to check on her during his shift.

ICU Nurse Manager Aimee Sharp, who nominated Hendrix, highlighted his sense of service and compassion. “Russell could have easily gone home after working 12 hours and let someone else take the call, but he went to help someone in our community in need. I am so proud of my ICU staff on a daily basis, but instances like this truly demonstrate that I am surrounded by heroes.”

The AnMed Health STAR program is a way for AnMed Health to recognize employees for doing a great job. The STAR program's goal is to reward those individuals and teams who meet and exceed AnMed Health's Organizational Standards and make significant contributions to the mission, vision, and building blocks of AnMed Health by practicing excellent customer service (both internal and external), team leadership/participation, and better cost control and quality.

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