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Started in October 2009
Transacting public involved in trade has to regularly prepare and submit large volumes of information and documents to government agencies to comply with import..., export and transit-related regulatory requirements. This information often has to be submitted through various different agencies, each with their own specific process and paper forms. These extensive requirements, together with associated compliance costs, constitute a serious burden to both government agencies and the transacting public.

The Philippine approach to address this problem is the establishment of a National Single Window whereby trade related information and documents need only be submitted once at a single entry point via the internet. This will enhance the availability and handling of information, expedite and simplify information flows between trade and government agencies which will result in a greater sharing of relevant data across governmental systems, bringing meaningful gains to all parties involved in cross-border trade. The National Single Window will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of trade regulatory controls and will reduce costs of doing business both for governments and transacting public. Another point of note is that an additional security feature of the NSW implementation will ensure that there will be no more fake permits, clearances or licenses allowed in the goods clearance process.
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Philippine National Single Window
The Philippine National Single Window (NSW) is an internet-based system that allows parties involved in trade to lodge information and documents with a single entry point to fulfill all import, export, and transit-related regulatory requirements.
General Information
There are about 30 government agencies involved in the issuance of import and export licenses, permits/clearances while the other 10 are monitoring and government agencies for trade facilitation over Philippine borders.

The project is being implemented through the mandate of Executive Order 482 dated December 27, 2005.

This is NOT a Bureau of Customs Project. This is a Philippine Government Project towards ASEAN integration by 2015.
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