I see we're getting a few new followers, spread the word yo. and allow their users to attach pictures and gif. to their comments adding a totally different experience when trolling or showing emotion which far exceeds that of emoticons, get this page noticed and maybe FB will update this site, it wont be long before Google+ takes over.

nice lol 32 ppl WOOT WOOT!

at this rate we'll reach 28 by next year!!

woo 26 ppl that rules! -__- keep it up guys lol

if anyone here is from FJ you must know the secret FJ password....

so yeah guys thnx for the support i just need you to do me a favor and get this page noticed , im hoping to get the attention of the designers so they could make this update happen, thnx guys

wouldn't it be awsome to post pics like the ones in my album along with comments to heighten the epicness of your reply to someones status update?