• The walleye bite has been very good this spring.  Whenever we can get out on the water, we catch many dozen walleye.  Mostly in the 16 to 17 inch range, but able to get the under 15's, and usually a few over 20.  They are biting in shallow water on minnows or crawlers.  Using lindy's, jigs and small crankbaits.  all work. 

  • The ice sheet is starting to break up in the Little Bend area, in spite of cold temperatures lately.  Not possible to launch a boat yet, but some shore access is available.  Last week ice fishermen caught northerns in the back bay.  Not too big, but plenty fiesty to take on a tipup.  With some warm weather we should see some action around here.

  • Dennis and his son, Logan were here celebrating Logan's very sucessful high school career.  Three days, three limits plus many released fish.  Walleye and pike were the predominant fish caught with a few smallies and a salmon to boot.  We fished the Cheyenne River arm for 2 days and north of Bush's Landing one windy day in 3 to 25 feet of water.  A...lso the Thomas brothers and their friend, Dan fished for two and half days also catching many fish.  This group found a school of spaning white bass in addition to the walleye and pike.  Most of the walleye were 15 to 17 inches with a few upper slot size fish and overs as well.  Great time had by all.

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  • Fish continue to bite well in this part of Lake Oahe.  Walleyes are being found in 5 to 25 feet of water on jigs, small crankbaits and lindy rigs.  Steve and Eric from Missouri spent 2.5 days here targeting Northern Pike.  They caught a ton of them focusing on submerged trees in the main lake.  They were tossing spinneer baits and crankbaits in sha...llow water.  They also caught smallie and some walleyes using tube lures without live bait.

    If you can get away you should try it.  Pick some good weather and have a good time.

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  • On Sunday brother-in-law, Todd and I caught dozens of walleye 16 - 20 inches, lots of small pike, a few nice small mouth and couple of big white bass.  We were using jigs and lindy rigs moving very slow and casting small crank baits to shore.  We caught fish from the mouth of the Cheyenne back to Fish Gut.

    Other parties staying at the Resort had sim...ilar luck, with some catching a few larger walleye.

    While fishing you will definitely encounter other boats, but so far not too crowded.

    On the other hand, on Saturday it was too windy to fish Lake Oahe, so Todd and I fished the stilling basin below Oahe Dam, and there it was like a traffic jam.  We did catch fish all day long and made the best of a windy day.  A lot of the fish we catch we pretty small.

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  • On Friday the 13th we beat the odds and had a good day on the water.  We catch a dozen or so walleyes plus some smallies and pike.  We released 3 mid 20 inch walleyes plus some small ones and kept six nice 16 to 19 inchers.  Fish were in 6 to 15 feet, and the males were milking.  The big females appeared to have not yet spawned.  The late afternoon... and evening were magnificent.

    About an hour to sunsetAbout an hour to sunset

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  • On Saturday I went back out for a few hours.  I decided not to travel far, just to the end of Little Bend that we call White Post.  Fished in 30 foot of water and caught the heck out of them.  I did get one close to 10 pounds and some bigger pike.  Quite a few fishermen around today.

  • On Friday we decided to boat up the Chenneye to Fish Gut to see what was going on up there with hopes of finding some big ones.  We found plenty of walleye and pike, catching a butch of both throughout the day in 16 to 30 feet of water.  It was a beautiful day, light wind, sun shinning, little fishing pressure.

  •  Tuesday was nice but a little windy, so we decided to test the pike fishing. We caught a bunch in a little bay along the south side of the Little Bend peninsula. They were between 5 and 12 pounds, all chunky guys. We laid large dead smelt near the bottom in about 12 feet of water, and had action all afternoon.


    On Thursday I was able to get up to J...oe's Creek and try for some walleye. Not disappointed. I caught 10 in about 25 feet of water on minnows moving very slowly. The largest was 25 inches, the smallest 17 inches. Also caught a couple of very nice smallies. I hope to get out again soon.

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  • The water level is 1606 feet, which is 14 feet lower than the peak last summer. Lake Oahe is forecast to rise 4 to 5 feet by mid-June. We'll see. The lake is open from the dam to around the corner at Little Bend. North of there the main lake has an ice cap with open water in bays and around the edges. Lake access is good in areas with open water.


    W...alleye fishing has been very good all winter on open water in the lower parts of Lake Oahe, and continues now up to and into the Cheyenne River. Northern Pike have been taking smelt and herring for at least a couple of weeks now. There seems to be a lot of six to twelve pounders, and we here of occasional reports of 20 pound-class catches.


    At the shows we often here the question, "When do the walleyes start biting in your area?" In response I tell them that I am not sure if that will happen this year... first they would have to stop, and we don't see any signs of that.

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