Is the gear operator included in the valve weight? The valve size where gear operators are used is partly laid down in the API standards where a rim pull of 360 Newtons (80
pounds-force) is specified and partly by corporation and industry specifications. Read more...

Dimensional and weight information for plain, beveled and threaded concentric and eccentric swage nipples have been extended to the full range under Specification: MSS-SP-95-2006, 1/8" NPS (DN6) to 12" (DN300) all in Pipedata-Pro's easy to find and use format. Included also is the full range of Straight Nipples 1/8" NPS (DN6) to 6" (DN150) to Specification ASME A773. Ckeck it Out...
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One of the premier reasons for having Windows 10 is to have the ability to download Apps, very similar to Google Play or the Apple App Store. So Microsoft has its own as well. You can download free from the store a release of the Pipedata App containing the basic ASME dimensional data together with weight information. Check it out…

Pipedata-Pro 12.2.07 is shipping! Check it Out...

ASME Metric Dimensions...

Pipedata-Pro Mini-Update 12.2.06 is now shipping - Check it out..

Pipedata Multi-Platform Apps
Fast easy access to dimensional, weight and piping design information

Use by over 100000 piping professionals see how useful it can be for you.

Advanced Piping Resources with extended Database and Design Tools.

Used by over 100000 piping professionals, see how useful it can be for you.

Used by over 100000 Piping Professionals - see how usefull it can be for you

Pipedata-Pro Release 12.1. This release brings in the finishing touches to Zeataline's new future proof Pipedata-Pro 12 series software.

Pipedata-Pro Version 12 with new style interface is now shipping, download it now and see how useful it can be for you.

The new Pipedata-Pro version 12 with new look and feel starts shipping during January 2017. You can download and review it now by clicking this image.
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Who Uses Pipedata-Pro? Pipedata-Pro is used by individuals, small businesses and big names in the industry, including Oil Corporations and major 3D Modelling Package Vendors. The list includes but is not limited to the following companies and organizations.