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Teresa Gould
· February 16, 2018
I was not impressed with the food. The service was great and our waitress was sweet and very accommodating but the food was no where near what it should have been.
I ordered the flounder and were so many bones, I found myself digging in my mouth more than actually putting food into it. The flounder tasted dirty and immediately tasted and smelled fishy. One thing culinary school taught me was if it smells fishy it is not fresh. I saw a response someone from Pirates Cove posted to a customers complaint about the flounder not being fresh and their reasonse was "flounder is out of season right now so you won't find it fresh anywhere." If this is your excuse for serving flounder that isn't fresh to your customers than maybe you shouldn't be serving it. It also had no flavor and it just tasted of fried flour, it didn't even taste like the batter had any spices. There was no wow anywhere with any of the food my husband and I ordered. The hush puppies were good but came out cold. The couple behind us tuna came out cold as well and not all of their sides were delivered with their dinner.
For the number of stars and reviews I expected Pirates Cove to be better. The table was dirty and so sticky that our arms were sticking to it (the finish on the table was coming off which could explain the sticky feeling) but what really got me was when we asked for it to be wiped down we took our napkin and wiped away the remaining water and the napkin was black. I understand the finish causing the table to be on the sticky side but the amount of dirt that was on our napkin after we wiped the table was a little concerning. The food needs a definite overhaul and in some desperate need of love and soul! I seriously doubt anything will get me to return. Too many cons out weigh the pros for this particular restaurant.
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Diane Maynard Levins
· January 29, 2018
We visited this restaurant on Saturday 1/27/17 and waited an hour to be seated and over an hour for our food, we were not happy and asked for a manager but they never came. The waitress kept telling the food is coming and the kitchen was backed up but never gave us a real reason for the very unusually long delay. This is not the typical experience for this place and we were quite surprised the owner didn't come over and talk to us as we saw her walking around. Very poor customer experience overall. The waitress was fine and it wasn't her fault. The soup was barely warm and my hubbys fish was over-cooked. See More
Ashley AndShawn Pugh
· February 3, 2018
Heard great things about this place so I tried it out. Had broiled flounder and scallops and while the flavor was decent, they certainly didn’t taste fresh and the flounder had at least ten bones in i...t, and that was after I had to peel it off of the platter. The steamed asparagus really didn’t have any unique flavor. Waitress wasn’t attentive. See More
Barbara Gosman
· December 8, 2017
I have eaten there several times and I have never had a bad meal. I took my friend and her 2 teenage girls there when they stopped by to visit me.they said that getting fresh seafood like this where s...he lived would be only found in very expensive restaurants. They actually had enough left over to take home with them. They had never had hushpuppies before and they absolutely loved them. So I was happy that I suggested that we eat there. I really love this place. See More
Jo Bea
· November 8, 2017
It was my 1st & last time ever going there...... food was awful, very greasy & when asked if the chef could make a new order due to all the grease being on the food all the chef did was fry it a littl...e more & wipe all the grease off...... really re-fry the same fried greasy food not fresh food..... oh no never ever ever ever again nor will i ever recommend it See More
Susan Luke Jones
· 5 hours ago
First visit had dinner. Perfectly cooked on the large seafood platter. Everything from appetizers to meal done well. Highly recommend, will be back. Our server was great explained all the choices! experience! See More
Deana Tisdale
· November 4, 2017
I was in town on business and didn’t want to have dinner at a chain restaurant, so I searched for a local restaurant and found this awesome place. Betsy was working the bar and she treated me just as ...if I was one of the locals. The food and service was beyond amazing and I will visit again when I’m in town. See More
Lou-Ann Wachtel Dorman
· December 30, 2017
We all had such a great dinner & fellowship! Thank you very much for your accommodations for Party of 16 on a busy Friday evening. Every meal served was perfection! Our service from two lovely was excellent! The Owner, John ensures your visit to his restaurant is one that you'll come back for more! Thank you!! See More
Angela Meyer
· September 24, 2017
I made a reservation for 8 to celebrate my birthday. The lady on the phone told me that we were not allowed to bring a birthday cake. I really didn't plan on it it anyway but if you have large spending money at your restaurant, you should be allowed to bring a cake. (We ended up spending well over $200 here) I should have stopped there and found a restaurant with better customer service but I chose to keep my reservation anyway. BIG MISTAKE. The food was not good at all. I could have got better tasting seafood across the street at the Captain D's. The food was bland. The crabcake was slimey on the inside, green beans had no seasoning at all, the hushpuppies were cold in the middle, seemed to be undercooked. My sister's shrimp were undercooked. My son refused to eat his food after one bite. I've heard good things about this restaurant but I've also read reviews that the service and quality of food has gone down hill since there was a management change. Maybe they should change management again before it's too late. See More
Sonja Arrington
· October 20, 2017
Looks better than it tasted. Ordered the Thursday’s special. Fried flounder. It was at my table in less than 3 minuets. It was re-heated in the microwave. When I asked if it was put in the microwave ...the waitress asked if I wanted a new order. I said yes. The second order wasn’t any better. It just wasn’t cooked as long in the microwave. Who serves re-heat fish? See More
Carl Tarkenton
· October 13, 2017
Pirate's Cove is the BEST! Our family had another GREAT meal this evening. Crab cakes were cooked just right and crammed full of crabmeat, hush puppies were moist and flavorful, and the she-crab soup ...was creamy and seasoned to perfection. Our server, Heather, was prompt, courteous, and attentive. Can't wait to go back! See More
Antoinette Davis
· January 12, 2018
Very disappointed with the service and the food. Waitress had no personality. Working in customer service, it is important to interact with all your customers,not just with certain ones. The food took... an hour and a half to come out but at the same time we sat for 25 minutes before the waitress took our order. The tuna was very very dry. I will not be back. I wish my money was spent elsewhere! See More
Kathy Laney
· November 18, 2017
It is a favorite place of mine and my future daughter-in-law's. The food is to die for, we love their fish. The people are very friendly and helpful. Tha service is excellent and the keep a close watc...h on you to make sure you don't need or want anything. I highly recommend to anyone who loves seafood. Thank you, Joye for taking me to lunch there yesterday for my birthday. See More
Brenda Lassiter
· October 3, 2017
Went for my Birthday dinner with three other people. I can't have gluten so not a lot to choose from. I wanted crab stuffed broiled flounder but it only came stuffed with a (crab cake?!). Our waitress... suggested crab stuffed rockfish. My friend said no because rockfish are not in season. We were assured that it was fresh and she had watched it being filleted just a few minutes ago. I foolishly believed her and had a tasteless, dry, previously frozen piece of fish with very little crab meat. I eat much better at home! See More
Liz Bellos
· October 8, 2017
Nothing like it use to be �
I was a loyal customer for over a decade and even when new management purchased it. I witnessed the food to slowly decline. This was really upsetting to me. I don't know if... the quality and quantity of food declined due to new management or the economy� See More
Michele Lee Salyer
· September 9, 2017
My husband and I had the seafood platter and it was delicious. We were able to split it that's how much food it was! Would definitely recommend the seafood platter�
Joy McGee Markle
· January 13, 2018
I had the crab cake sandwich, broiled with no bun and I will be back!!!! No fillers or onions, just thick delicious crab. Can’t return soon enough and the staff was perfection.
Burlee P. Felton
· February 18, 2018
I had the She Crab Soup, which was cold, The Crab Cakes was ok,needed a little more season and the French fries was soaked in grease and the salad was just a bowl of lettuce and the service was terrible.
Traci Winget
· December 2, 2017
Lacrecia was wonderful!
The Rockfish was delicious as well as the crab dip. We sat at the high top tables as the the tables in me interior seemed awfully bright.
Over all it was a good experience.
Kim Corica Freitas
· August 12, 2017
This came up in the top 10 restaurants in Chesapeake on Trip Advisor. I have no idea how that is even possible. It was disgusting. Don't waste your time or money. We ordered the caprese salad and the ...cheese was rock hard. The chicken in my Cobb salad had tendons in every bite. Red lobster would have been better. See More

We have the best customers at Pirates Cove .

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Thursday January 18th - we will open at 4pm. Got to love this Virginia weather. Be safe and God bless

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January 13

Packed house at Pirates Cove tonight. Love our friends

Great to see Keith, Laura, Morgan and Brooklyn. Miss you guys

We are closed today and we will be open tomorrow Saturday 6th. Normal hours.

Hope everyone a safe and uneventful snow days.

Chicken Shack Gang in the house at Pirate's Cove Restaurant.

Love this group. Happy New Year

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We have your Gift Cards for the last minute shoppers.

Everyone loves Pirates Cove. Ooo it's so good!!!

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Open for gift cards today. The gift that everyone loves

Booker T Washington Norfolk class of 64". Christmas party at Pirates Cove.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to this awesome group

Merry Christmas to the Best Employees. Thank you for all you do for Pirates Cove

Steak Chimichanga $9.99 Lunch special today

Ooo it's so good

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MERRY CHRISTMAS . Don't forget your Pirates Cove Gift cards...

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Chesapeake restaurant week

Combo Shells Marinara - A combination of juicy clams and succulent mussels smothered in a pesto marinara sauce servers over Angel hair pasta

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Chesapeake restaurant week

Jumbo Shrimp & Crab Scampi - 5 Jumbo Butterflied shrimp w / super lump crabmeat in a creamy scampi butter sauce over angel hair pasta.

Ooo it's so good !!!

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Chesapeake restaurant week

Seafood Bouquet - succulent array of fresh seafood sauteed to perfection, topped with a champagne cream sauce over angle hair pasta.

Ooo It's so good !!!

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Hall of Fame Seattle Seahawk Kenny Easley at Pirate's Cove Restaurant

Always good to see you Kenny

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Busy Friday night. Thank you to our customers and our staff for a wonderful night.

God bless