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Steve Minton
· December 5, 2017
Playland helped mold my childhood.... If it was still there I would be going like I used to still!
Elaine Garvitte
· September 7, 2017
I LOVED going to Playland Skating Rink in the 70's was fun times and those huge jaw breakers!! That place was so much fun!!!!!!
Rob Manley
· January 24, 2015
Thanks for creating and sharing this Michelle. I'm glad someone saved some photos, I have none of Playland, just the memories - until you put this together. Panther tag, the races, couples skate, all... night skates, shoot the duck, arcades and pinball machines, and hours away from any parental supervision at all. Nothing like this experience exists today. Great memories, thanks for sharing. See More
Chris Hooks
· April 21, 2017
During the 1970's when I was a teenage you could always find me with my cousins at Playland Skating Rink. Could not wait until Playland woulx host an all night marathon, a fun night full of games, r...aces, balloon drop and prizes.
In a nut shell I truly miss this place.
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Janice Lowe
· December 19, 2016
I was 8 years old when I started skating at Playland. I skated there at least once a week until I was 21. I met all my boyfriends there and my husband of 47 years. Playland was where I really had my l...ife. I still dream of Playland quite often, and I am in my late sixties. Janice See More

So sad to hear that "Mr Ed" passed away this past Sunday. I'm sure everyone that skated there in the 70s & 80s remember being greeted by him or got change from him for the pinball & video games. He will be missed. There is a virtual guest book online on the or follow the link to the funeral home webpage.

Online notice/obit for Edwin Kozar. Read Edwin Kozar’s life story, offer tributes/condolences, send flowers or create a Edwin Kozar online memorial.

not sure if I like the new "Updated Groups" format, so I thought I would set up a "Page" and see if this format is better! Let me know what you think.