Father's Day, 19 June, 2016. Mark Redfield reads a letter from Edgar to his foster father. Asks, what kind of father would Poe have been? Happy Father's Day!
Poe For President!
NOW TAKING PRE-ORDERS! Hollywood, in its infancy. A brilliant actor at a crossroads in his career. The murder of an extra on a busy movie set… In this brisk, fast-paced picaresque novella, Mark Redfield paints a vivid portrait of Lon Chaney by thrusting him into an investigation of a young protégé that may, or may not, have been murdered while working on a film set. A work of fiction, set during Chaney’s early days in Hollywood before fame struck, Redfield brings Chaney to life in a tale that is, by turns, humorous and strange. Pre-Order THE CHANEY MURDER CASE by Mark Redfield Casewrap (hardcover). Approx 200 pages. U.S. Trade 6x9. Cover illustration by Mark Wheatley. Only $19.99 (FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S.) Offer good until October 1, 2016. The book ships the first week of October, 2016. More info here: Tales of Mystery & Imagination


Nabokov seems to rival Poe in the literary featuring, and criticizing departments...‬…/‬

Vladimir Nabokov was an unusually opinionated man—particularly when it came to literature. His own, primarily—when asked about the function of his editor, he sniffed, “By ‘editor’…