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That it will never come again is what makes life sweet. -Emily Dickinson


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"Adventure is not in the guidebook. Beauty is not on the map."

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. - Theodore Roosevelt

Ba ba black sheep.

Fantasies are dreams

Reality is life

But no one knows real living

Until they've lived though strife



But dreams aren't a sickness

They can very well come true

You just have to believe they will

And you'll get the next clue


Take a road you never planned on

Let yourself go free

Pick any destination

Don't limit what you can see


Limits are what we set for ourselves

When we're stuck inside

But limits can be broken

You just have to pick a new stride


If you want to make it somewhere

Plan it and you will

Don't sit back and watch it

Make life your new thrill

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Memories spanning out


The miles of tears

Cried for having left,



Scars throb in places

Not scene.

For others understanding seems impossible.

It is.

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Coming home...

No one understands...

"You got to go to Ireland for 5 months!"

"What could be wrong?"



When you have something good,

Walking away doesn't make any sense.

Try flipping the world over

And hopping the fence.

It's like the skies are


So you go indoors.


Living the life

Has prices too.

Eventually it is going to ceased.


Life not fitting together,

Like a new window in an

Old house.

Trying to blend the different parts


Only to get even more separated ingredients.

Oil and water.

Adding more nails for


Just makes it bitter and cold.

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As I watched you all drive away,

In the Dublin morning sun.

I realized two things,

One, that this experience is


Really coming to an end.

Two, how truly amazing life is.

It brought such unique people,

From all edges of the world,

Stuck them together and said


Different cultures.

Different languages.

But each has two eyes,

A nose,

And a smile reaching ear to ear.

So different yet one the same,

All here to write our own chapter.

Each chapter also different,

Yet all sharing characters,

New characters walking in,

Walking out.

But you all are a permanent

Character in my book.

Maybe gone for a few chapters while I discover new things.

New worlds.

New places and people.

But later. Not now.


You will all find your way back

To share some of your story,

I might have missed.


One must say goodbye to say hello again.

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I sit in front of the door,

Not going nor staying,

But watching others

Greet and say


What I hope is only a strange hello.

What used to be a home

To the world,

Now slowly empties

Like a lost beehive.


The few that remain,

Their faces drawing blank

For fear that red

Eyes could become permanent.


When you start, when is the

Right time to stop?


Almost like ghosts roaming the halls

I feel their presence.

Excitement fills my mind

When bursting through their

Open doorways to be slapped by



An empty desk

Only becomes empty

When I sit at it,

Telling me the pictures in my

Head are broken.

Like an old CD,

They keep repeating

Only in my eyes instead.


Each square inch of emptiness

They used to fill,

Makes breathing that much



A lost beehive,

With only the memories left.

But still a beehive.

Still a home.

My home.

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With history older than knowledge, it's a wonder the future is still being made.

As I walk up to the place I've called

Home for so many years,

It's less of my home

Than the depressed


And their tears,

The scared and

Their fears,


But as I walk away

A part of me is ripped,

This is the place that

I've known,

From child as I've grown,

I can't throw the last stone,

I can't just walk away,

But Lord help me

I cannot stay,

I've seen how people end up,

More like I've seen

The ends of people.


Lives start and stop

Before the first step is even taken,

Please tell them to awaken,

Like a corpse in a graveyard,

They come,

Stay and


Lives here are never sought,

Just bought,

I cannot.


I cannot call this


Home is where you go to



But I spread my wings

Like a crow,

I take flight

Before the first snow...

Catches me to stay home,

As they hand me a comb,

And tell me.


Comb out all your


Cause livin with the dead

You're stuck.

Run out on your luck.


But you are the only person

Who tells you not to


So if you don't walk

Away now.

Welcome home.

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Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were no doors before. -Joseph Campbell