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Read the two poems and like the one you like the most. If you are Ashleyvette, Christella, Dieudonne, or Caress Rdriguez, your vote is weighted, so comment instead of liking.


Read the two poems and vote for the one you like the most.

Read the two poems and vote for the one you like the most.

It has been determined since creation.

From an almighty mind, a prolific conception.

And so has become the greatest of all inventions.

Eve, the prototype of such calculations,


Was destined to yield seamless replacements.

A perfect replica? Never such compliments.

Until a beautiful spring and a wonderful day

Witnessed her birth, and so was her name.

God's Gift to the world and mankind,

The ideal being and the perfect design,

With eyes that pierce the warrior's armor

Straight through the heart and steal his honor.

Able to borrow a smile from the sorrowful,

Or find the weakness of the powerful.

A blessing in her name and a fruit of a miracle,

She has become more than the revelation of an oracle.

And here she is, the pinnacle of womankind,

Ready to reach her prime and be enshrined.

God's gift to the world and every nation,

She is most worthy for conspicuous veneration.

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                                                          A sparkle in her eyes when she stares,

                                           A pericing glare through your soul as she sets her eyes on you,

                                             Beauty intoxicating as she passes by gracefully  as a gazelle,

                                         ...                  Even through flaws she seems perfect

                                                   A smile that brightens up even the darkest cloud

                                                                  Delicate yet not easily broken

                                                        Timid, but her mind insists on being spoken

                                                    Sweat pants hair tied chillin with no make up on

                                              Beauty so pristine start at night till the break of dawn

                                   Since birth, graced with a name destined for greatness, meaning god gives

                           Blessed with a future enclosed, tightly wrapped, and tied with blessings on blessings

                                                                      With wings, time flies by

                                                          With age attractiveness stays defined

                                                                 A life that has yet to be lived,

                                                                 A story about a girl, God Gives.

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