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The New York Senate amended legislation that would legalize online poker in the state, adding "bad actor" language aimed at PokerStars.

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Tweet Last week the members of got to literally ask me anything and they did! What was supposed to be a 90 minute deal, turned into more, as I couldn’t leave some well crafted questions hanging. My wrists were hurting afterwards, but I got this nice compliment in their recap: Our m...

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Tweet I’ve worked with elite performers in a variety of fields like poker, golf, billiards and trading. One discipline that I’ve always found fascinating is chess, for a number of reasons. First of all, when you study performance, chess comes up a lot, it is used a lot to prove points about the role...

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Tweet My next guest on the Mental Game of Poker Podcast is Nick Wealthall. Most of you will know him as a host for PokerStars TV, and a former host for Sky Poker and Poker Night Live. He is also an accomplished poker author, and away from the game, a comedy writer. You may be …

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Tweet My latest guest on the Mental Game of Poker Podcast is Paul “Vulcans” Ratchford. He’s a prolific coach for and is author of a new book “Exploitive No Limit Holdem.” Before Paul entered the poker 6 years after the great recession took him from his corporate job at JP Morgan. In p...

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With nearly $30 million in winnings, learn how Daniel Negreanu uses a positive approach to poker psychology.
Tweet We use the word competitive a lot in poker, but my guest today on The Mental Game Podcast has to be one of the most competitive poker players out there. He is addicted to winning, and as you will learn he would much prefer to win a smaller tournament than come 2nd in a …

We have all watched poker tournament television and watched the game turn based on a read of their opponent ... Reading your opponents is one of the key skills you must perfect ...

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Bluffing pre-flop is mostly about stealing blinds (and re-stealing against other players who’ve already raised). But even this isn’t really a semi-bluff when so much of a hand’s value comes with the flop.

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Some people believe the more poker you play, the better you become. While this approach certainly helps, it's nowhere near as efficient as learning to accurately reading the faces of your opponents, Order your set today www,

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If you're playing poker correctly, you'll be adjusting to your opponent's style of play and as a result, it's more important for you to arm yourself with knowledge, Reading tells. ..... Reading your opponents hand is like watching an episode of CSI.

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