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Some friends came to stay over the Easter weekend and we had some fun with one of our Brecon Buff Ganders who likes to stretch his wings...
I forgot to post this video I snapped on my phone of a young fox cub walking along our electric fence in July. They are bold as brass at this age and out and about in the middle of the day looking for food and learning to hunt. If you listen, he only ran off when I shouted "Oy what do you think you're doing?".... <Tim

So I've found out why our egg numbers dropped. Cheeky!

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I have received a letter from the Scottish Government with an update on the Bird Flu today. I don't know if the same rules will apply across the rest of the UK yet.

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I've got a walk in run from Omlet with a cover as one of my "Bird Flu prevention runs".... they also do lower heights. Thought I'd share this, if like me you're wanting to give your chickens some grass and not keep them inside all the time.…/chicken_kee…/walk_in_chicken_run/…

So as of this morning, (in England) we need to keep all of our birds inside....

Measures are announced to protect poultry in England against an avian flu outbreak in Europe.

The UK is a huge chick exporter. This practice actually makes economic sense as well as allows better welfare.

The egg industry (incl. free-range/organic) has a vastly unknown secret: an unimaginable number of male chicks are horrifically killed at hatching (suffocated/ground up alive) on a never-ending conveyor belt of destruction. Germany are banning this and it will only mean max 2 cent more per egg.

I had a great weekend at the RDBS Show last weekend. I've edited my photos and uploaded the results today:

Photos and Results of the Reading and District Bantam Society 2016 Show held last weekend.

With the chilly weather we've had over the last few days, this is probably good timing!

Here are 8 tips to help you get your chickens through the winter without any mishaps or difficulties. Some will certainly make your life easier!

Here are some of the photos I took at the Federation. If you had photos taken, please email me and I will send the high resolution versions to you. Thanks!

Photos from the Federation of Poultry Clubs Championship Show 2015, one of the largest shows in the UK with over 7000 poultry & waterfowl.

Sometimes I get tough questions about poultry but this one that came in.... I'm really stuck with. Anyone??

I am a South Australian oyster farmer and most interested to discover we could provide oyster shell to the poultry industry. We also have problems with barnacles on our shell.


Do you have any research / researchers I can read / contact regarding if it is OK to crush barnacle shell mixed in with oyster shell to give to poultry?

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Here are the photos Rupert Stephenson and I took at the National this year. As always, I'm grateful for comments to make any corrections for incorrectly named birds or owners. I hope to see you at the Federation show - we will be there on the Sunday, come along early because we don't have long to get photos.…/national-poultry-show-2015/

Photos and results of the National Poultry Show 2015 held in Telford.
Report, photos and show results for the Kent Autumn Poultry Show 2015 which was held on October 18th. Report courtesy Lorna Luckhurst & photos Jed Dwight.

Show report, photos and results of the Northampton & District Poultry Club Autumn Show. Report courtesy of Mark Anderson-Howe and Photos courtesy of Rupert Stephenson.

Photos and show report for the Northampton and District Poultry Club Autumn Show 2015 held on October 25th at Bugbrooke Community Centre, Northants.
Laurence Beeken looks at a number of diseases that are common to Poland chickens and provides some advice for avoiding them.

December is a peak time for fois gras purchases. Help me educate people how it is produced by sharing Zoe's excellent article.

Zoe takes an objective view of foie gras, which is produced mainly in France but banned here in the UK because of the controversial force-feeding.

This month, I've reviewed the Westgate Labs Worm Count Kit. You can see photos of the whole process - following the sample I sent through the lab (thank you Westgate Labs for your help with this!)

If you don't want to use a wormer on your hens or need reassurance that a herbal product is working then a Westgate Labs Worm Count Kit could be the answer!

I often read about people giving Baytril to their hens and then eating their eggs after a withdrawal period. I did some research on antibiotic use in poultry a while back that raised some concerns.

Antibiotics are a common treatment given to poultry on prescription but are they really safe, even with a withdrawal period?