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Danielle Christine DeClue
· April 6, 2018
This place is a monstrosity. Shut it down. It is the worst kind of people. My Baby puppy has has been dead 7 years this month and every year I raise awareness go this puppy death cottage. The cover ph...oto makes me nauseas.

These people are mercilessly killing animals for profit. As the workers at the Vet Hospital and others all over who received sick puppies.

For full story contact me.

My Kolbe is dead not from the Pneumonia and infection he suffered and hospitalization he eventually made It through ....But instead from a birth defect direct result of inbreeding. He couldn't breathe at half his adult weight. I had to put him down as I could not watch him struggle to breathe and suffocate over time to spare my own heartbreak.

Patrick is a soul-less murderer. They gave me the papers to certify champion blood (which I didn't care about) but I lost my dog. Their papers meant nothing. He was inbred and sick BECAUSE this place is a mill.

My heart breaks for those sweet innocent animals. To this day I'm haunted by the cries of a baby bulldog brine kept in the back room crate cold and damp because he was too visibly sick to keep up front. .

This place needs to be shut down. Adopt dogs that need homes in the shelters and rescue. That was the first and last time I ever bought an animal. I only adopt and rescue now.

I won't let Kolbes death be in vain. I'll continue raising awareness until this and every other money loving heartless organization is closed.

Additionally the Apple Blossom Vetrinary clinic is IN ON IT with the Puppy Cottage. Declaring sick puppies healthy. They give a coupon for you to take your pup. Can't remember the vet she's Caucasian thin tall redish hair at the time. They have agreements to have her approve them and puppies health.

She declared my puppy healthy with clear lungs just hours before he was hospitalized in IV fluids for Pneumonia and respitory distress. The woman straight up heard his lungs struggle to breathe and declared him healthy.

You people make me sick.
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Shana A Galano
· October 25, 2015
I received a puppy from a coworker. She got him from puppy cottage. Thank god he is healthy but during my first visit to the vet, after looking over his vaccines, they informed me he has been vaccinat...ed for mange. Beware! Read lots of reviews before visiting here. There are lots and lots of horror stories. Sounds like they get the dogs from puppy mills who are heartless and it seems like the owners themselves might have no hearts. Shame on anyone who could treat such precious life so cruel. See More
Rachael Fritz
· December 2, 2014
I heard the owner bragging to a customer that he could get any size dog,any kind, any day. I am pretty sure that is not something to brag about and proves He is not in it because he loves animals! Wal...ked out as quickly as we walked in! Also it should be zero stars but it won't let you, beyond poor rating! See More
Julie Waymire Porterfield
· December 23, 2014
We purchased a German Shepard puppy that ended up being very very sick! We then brought it to the attention of the owners and they agreed to refund us price of dog... To help with Vet bills that talli...ed in the hundreds! He wrote us a check. When we tried to cash it the following business day we found out he had stopped payment on it!!! Buyer beware !!!!! See More
Mike Gable
· April 14, 2014
well don't care for them much at all, however if any of you would like a good German Shepard puppy, my dogs just had 11 pups, not selling them as papered although mom and dad are both paper able, its ...just more expensive than the market will support in front royal, so for 550 first shots well puppy visit and de wormed call 540 551 4588 might work with you on the price they are driven me crazy, just ask for mike or karolyn See More
Ann Fern
· March 26, 2015
No real breeder would ever, ever sell puppies to a pet store. 99% of pet store puppies come from mills or horrific back yard breeders. I have done my background checks on this business. Puppy owners - get a real job and stop exploiting innocent animals. See More
Tracy Eaton
· January 29, 2014
I went to Mario Trains and was drawn to the puppy cottage and I will say that a toy apricot poodle named "CoCo" saved me. He is part of our family that includes a 15 yr old poodle mix and an 8 year ...old pit/lab mix. He is my sidekick along with the other 2 dogs, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Thank you Kevin and Josephine. Can't imagine my life without him. See More
Kelly Munch Johnson
· August 17, 2015
Puppy mill pups from parents that have been so inbred/overbred that the pups are born with congenital birth defects that make living next to impossible
Lucy Peer
· November 13, 2013
This place is full of fraud. Josephine Bueno and her husband came to my house to buy two puppies for there "grandchildren". We gladly sold them to them thinking they were good people. They signed a co...ntract stating they would bring back the puppies to us if they ever got rid of them. That didn't happen. They brought the poor little boys to there store the Puppy Cottage and put them in one of those tiny cramped cages too small not to sleep in there own mess. These people need to be brought to justice and shut down. They are liars and are cheating people out of money. See More
Suzanne Harvey
· November 14, 2013
This is a dog flipping business, they buy local dogs off websites, facebook, craigslist for cheap and resell them in their store. Be wary if you buy a puppy....
Dawn Hoover
April 19, 2013
Don't buy a puppy from this place!
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