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Jenny Nguyen
· December 5, 2017
After much searching, we went with QPhotography for our wedding pictures. We fell in love with their work as soon as I saw it on their site. Prices are very reasonable; even after paying for their tra...vel expenses. On the night before the wedding, their flights was delayed and with less than 3 hours of sleep they were still on top of it on our wedding day. Quyen Tat and his assistant Kyle were very professional and skilled. The pictures came out amazing and they sent us our pictures on time as promised. Thank you anh Quyen! You guys are awesome. See More
Emmy Nguyen
· April 29, 2015
My husband and I had searched for a photographer for our wedding photo-shoot and after viewing QphotographY website and met Quyen and Yen personally, I know instantly that he will be the best photogra...pher. Quyen did an absolutely amazing job photographing our outdoor wedding pictures. His energy was awesome and he was really creative and came up with different positions when capturing pictures for us. My husband and I were very shy at the beginning, but Quyen and Yen made us feel very comfortable and confident in ourselves. We really had a blast doing all different pictures with him. Another great thing about QphotopraphY is stylist Yen. She did my make up and my hair and I received many good compliments from my family and friends. We love all the pictures that they took. We cannot thank Quyen and Yen enough for everything that day and definitely recommend QphotographY for any of your special events. Personally, I give them 10 stars instead of 5. See More
Phoebie Ngo
· November 28, 2013
Words cannot describe how grateful I booked QphotographY ( Quyền & Yến) to be my wedding videographers. To be honest, it’s a hesitation when I decided to book their services for my engagement party. ...Nowadays everyone knows that you got what you have paid for. So why am I risky to book an infamous photographer with an unbeatable price for the full package of services? But I was totally wronged. Quyền is a real talented photographer, together with Yen Cao, a photographer assistant aka make up artist aka “your hero” on your day making QphotographY a perfect team. They are super duper friendly and helpful to the point that taking pictures is way more fun and relax than it’s supposed to be. My pictures all come out naturally and beautiful because I always feel relax and happy to the max. Quyen /Yen will take their time and effort to accommodate all your requests with the unbeatable price. Yes, as a client sometimes I just want to tell them “can you stop being so nice to do the business” haha . It was Yen who helped me with all the beautiful make up for each photoshoots ( yup!it’s free). It was Yen who I called almost every night and vented all the stress of the bride-to-be to her. And it was her who saved me when I forgot the veil at home on my wedding day before church. I lost count of how many little helpful things she did to me. As you checked it out their portfolio, it’s needless to say more about Quyen’s talent. He got skills! To me, photographer is the most important vendor that you have to make a wise decision before booking them. All the party will end at some points include your wedding day, but all the beautiful photos, which capture the greatest moments will be there and be lifelong keepsake. Thanks QphotographY to help me have my dream wedding with all the beautiful, stunning, and amazing pictures. You guys just simply awesome! See More
Oscar Thuan Nguyen
· March 17, 2014
Very young, talented professional photographer and makeup artist. If you want your wedding photos, your family photo book or any events to be extraordinary, Q is the right one. He is very creative t...o make your photos different from other photographers. it is not just the studio with the same back drop for every family studio pictures, he can go out with you to any beautiful places to have your family picnic pictures that you never forget. you'll have a fun day out with family and a beautiful set of famiy photo to keep as a memory. That is how I like the young generation with full enegy and enthusiasm and especially the creation in his art work. The price is very decent coz they do with passion, money is not a main thing so you dont have to worry about your budget. You can also view sample pictures and album of his works before making a decision. Very highly recommended. See More
Nikki Pham
· November 2, 2013
I'm sorry it took me a while to write this review. I have been busy since our Save The Date photo-shoot with Qphotography on September 2013. Quyen and Yen are great people to work with. They are fun, ...sincere, and very hard-working couple. Yen does beautiful make-up while Quyen captured amazing pictures. We are very lucky and fortunate to have met them. They take high pride in their work and will deliver with great results! I wish nothing but the best and many success for both of them. See More
Kevin Dinh
· August 20, 2015
Hard working, talented and diligent photographer. He works hard to get the shots needed. Can't go wrong with Quyen. He has my full recommendation.
Tammy Le
· September 10, 2014
Great photographer! Hard work and input tremendous effort to help us have great pictures. Thank you!
Đỗ Tiên Dung
July 26, 2013
I love the makeup, to the background, and the utmost care n professionalism from Qphotography's team to capture that special moment n smile! For someone who is camera shy, this team will definitely ca...pture a whole new you :0) See More
Angel Le
· February 20, 2014
So beautiful Yen. I love it !
Quyen Tat added 16 new photos to the album: Amie+Don Getting Ready — with Jazlie Thy and 2 others.

From our experience, the more connections we have with our clients, the more beautiful photos they will have.
Why? If we know our client's personalities, what ...they like or dislike, what they concern, and what they prepare and plan for their wedding, we will know what to shoot and shoot more creatively.
So, let's get connected. Don't be afraid to ask for our help. We are here for you. We don't want to treat you as client only, we want to treat you as our friends. #714.489.7866
#weddingday #gettingready
#lovecapturing #amiedonwedding
MUA: Jazlie Thy

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Quyen Tat added 29 new photos to the album: James+Ren 1st Look+Bridal Parties — with Yen Cao and 2 others.

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