So, so many dogs coming to the bridge. Out of the corner of my eye, I catch the sight of a very handsome Rottweiler trotting towards me."Hi, my name is Blu." as he shakes himself off, looking around, as to try to see if he recognizes any of the dogs nearby. "Hi, my name is Quinn, and I am a greeter here. Can I help you?" "Yes, yes I am looking for my mama dog, she was taken from me and my brother." I asked Blu what was her name. He said, Emma. "Oh yes, I know where she is an...d can take you to her. As we approached the spot where Emma was, the two of them saw each other. Boy did they have quite the greeting, jumping all over the place, racing around and around together. Blu, settled down enough to tell me to let his earthly mom know that he had a wonderful life with her, just knowing how much she loved him and the other dogs that lived with her. And to know that when she felt his nearness, that yes he was watching and would be close to her. And so I am off to greet some more Quinn

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I just gotta say, it warms my heart when I see the happy faces of the dogs running up to their new home, here at the bridge. They are so excited, wanting to find their families and best friends again. Here comes a very handsome Bulldog, waving at me to help him. "Hi, my name is Winston, and since you are a Rottweiler, who looks a lot like my very good friend..could you show me where she is?" "Nice to meet you, Winston, what is your friend's name? I will be glad to help find""Her name is Lily." I showed him where the Rottweilers were playing tag. This beautiful girl stopped in her tracks as she caught sight of her long lost buddy. As they jumped around in their greeting of each other, I could see the love that they shared. So, for now, they will spend days doing what we dogs do, here at the bridge..waiting for that day we can cross the bridge together with our beloved person.. Quinn

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It gets pretty noisy here at the ridge, with everyone, running to find their past friends and family. Barking back and forth trying to catch the attention of who they might know. When here comes my buddy, little man Ernie. He has the biggest, I mean biggest smile on his face...jumping as high as he does when he is this excited. "Quinn, Quinn, hey I want you to meet my old friend, Parker." "Hi, Parker, nice to meet you and I see that you and Ernie must of been good friends." ...Parker and Ernie are "high Pawing" each other, racing around and around. "Slow down guys, okay?" Parker wants me to let his mom and dad know that his cross-over was fast,very,very fast. Barely was able to shake himself off, when he "zoomed" on in. Getting the biggest greeting ever from his old friend. So tonight, it looks like not only Parker telling his stories, but that little Ernie, guy will add his part of the stories that the two of them shared. Ernie used to go and stay at Parker's, a time or two, so they have lots to talk about. Now that the two of them have run off to find Parker's spot, I will head back to greeting some more sweet souls, ending their journey . Till next time, Quinn

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Oh, my this beautiful shiny black-coated girl came running up to me. "Hi", she said, as she told me her name was Holly. She said our moms were friends on FB, and she knew that I would be able to show her where her sister Jazz was. Yes, I could do that. And as we walked, we talked, and she said that she wanted to somehow "send" a sign to her let her know that her crossing was smooth. She said she already connected with Buddy, and told him to be good and mind their mom. I looked up ahead and there came Jazz racing towards us as fast as a flash.
The two of them danced around and pawed each other in the happiness of the moment. So I am off to greet new arrivals as it is very busy today. Quinn

Today I will be celebrating my Birthday here at the bridge. I know my mom is thinking of me more so today. So I get to play and tell stories, of how life was when I was in my earthly body. The friends I made in the short time I was with my mom, Ernie, Rosey, and Lillie. And the lessons that were made. they all add to a wonderful part of my life. Quinn

Here come more new arrivals, running as fast as they can to get to the top of the ridge. This is where my little friend Ernie welcomes the smaller dogs and with help from several friends, I get to greet the bigger dogs. I look over to the side of the pack as a stunning looking Rottweiler is racing straight towards me. "Hi, I'm Brando and my mom and your mom are friends, because of us." I went down so fast, my mom didn't expect it to be this way." I shook my head, as I thought... of the way cancer had taken me. So I told Brando after he settles, that tonight he can tell us about what it was like for him being in the Rottweiler ring. I bet that was so much fun, I said to him. He wants his mom and dad, Becky and Mark Roiland to not be sad. He said, he would be sure that if she just remembered the times and memories, they would bring a smile to her face. So off to show Brando where is spot is and back to the gate. Quinn

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As many of you that know me, know that I had just been adopted into my new home when my mom was checking me over one night and felt a bump between my middle toes on my back foot. Of course, we were off to the vets. As much as my mom was hoping and praying it wasn't what she thought it would be. It turned out to be a Mast Cell Tumor. I was one of five out of her nine Rottweilers to pass over from cancer.
Now I am a greeter here at the bridge, and since I started almost ten ago, I've noticed that more sick dogs coming to the bridge than ones from old age.
Just now a very handsome Rottweiler named Hans, trotted up over the ridge. He shook himself off, as I welcomed him. he said to me that he was not ready to go and fought a good fight. Wanted to let his mom and dad Ron and Cathy Myers that he loved them, and was watching over them. To think of the happy times, and know that one day they will cross the Bridge together. I showed him his spot, and tonight we will sit in a circle and listen to his stories Quinn

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I don't know if all you moms and dads, along with friends are aware that we have parties every day there at the Bridge. Celebrating the date each one of us crossed over.
And there is one very special party today, it's the 4th anniversary of my dear, friend Ernie,(sometimes fondly called, Ernesto, by his close friends) Ernie is one of the greeters here, showing the smaller dogs where their family and friends are waiting for their arrival. But today he got a break, so to enjoy... his party. Every once in a while he would stop jumping up and sneak a peek at what our mom, MT was doing. He came running up to me, telling me what he saw. "I saw mom, playing ball with Cash and Rosey," he said. He laughed as he noticed how she had to throw two balls. One for Rosey, (which was just tossed a little in front of her,) as she has arthritis and will be 14 in a couple of months. After he watched for a bit, he ran off to enjoy his day, spending it playing with his friends. And I am off to greet some more sweet souls, and show them where to settle. Quinn

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As all of you, that know me, know that I am a Rottweiler. So, of course, when a beautiful female Rottweiler comes up over the ridge and stands there...she always gets my total attention. I trotted over to this sweet girl, as she was shaking herself off. At the same time, noticing how all the pain she had been going through, was now gone. I explained to her that here at the bridge, we don't need our "earthly" coats anymore. She told me her name was Coho, and even tho she wasn'...t ready to leave at such a young age, her body had changed on her. She wants her mom to know that she will be watching out for her, and not be so sad. Remember all the wonderful memories that the two of them made together. So I will show Coho around, and before we settle in for the night, we will sit in a circle, while she tells us of what her life had been like. Quinn

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Not so many big dogs today, but there are quite a few smaller dogs. So I had to help Ernie "greet" all that were passing up over the top of the ridge. Here comes a bouncy little girl. Oh, I see she is a Beagle. "Hi, my name is Noel, what's yours?" "Hello, my name is Quinn, and I am a greeter; along with Ernie and some other friends that help out," I tell her. Noel wants to thank her mom for all the love and wonderful care.She said she was ready to go and was trying to let her mom know that. Luckily, her mom picked her up and put her next to her under the covers. And that was when Noel "let go"...flew to the bridge faster than light. To spend her days romping and playing chase with her family and friends. Waiting for the day that her mom and her will cross the bridge together Quinn

I was showing a couple of new arrivals where to settle when this oh so handsome Rottweiler trotted over to me. "Hi, my name is Reece." I gave him a "paws" high five. He wanted me to pass a message on to his mom, telling her please don't be sad. Remember all the love that held us together. And the wonderful life he had. That he didn't have a clue how so free he would feel. Reece will be watching out for his mom, Somaly Wilkening.waiting for the day they can cross the bridge together Quinn

Let's help find this handsome boy a forever home

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Carole Lee Murrell

Adoption return

ODIN - #A459511 (Moreno Valley CA)
Shelter staff named me ODIN and I am a neutered male, b...rown and white Pit Bull Terrier and Rottweiler.
The shelter thinks I am about 2 years old.
I have been at the shelter since Dec 31, 2017 and I may be available for adoption on Jan 10, 2018 at 10:00AM

Moreno Valley Animal Shelter
14041 Elsworth Street, Moreno Valley, CA
Open Tuesday -Saturday (closed Sunday, Monday & holidays)

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Several dogs just came trotting up and over the ridge to be welcomed here. A beautiful Rottweiler named Kyra saw me and wanted to know where she should go. I gave her a welcoming "paw" hug. Showed, and told her that tonight we would sit around with the other ones and listen to their stories. She wants me to make sure her mom, Cathy Grist knows that she feels great now that she is "out of" her earthy body. And that she will be looking out for her mom until the two of them can cross that beautiful bridge together Quinn

It seemed like there were so many, more dogs today. Lots and lots of Rottweilers, I missed a few of them, but later we all sit around and listen as they tell their stories. I hate to say, but some are not the best. And then there are beautiful tales of wonderful, loving homes. As we were sitting in our circle, this very handsome guy, sitting next to me, leaned over to tell me his name, and wanted me to pass on his message to the ones that loved him so very much."Hi, My name is Houston, and I want my earthly loved ones to know that my transition was fast and smooth. And that I will be watching out over them until the day we cross together. Quinn"

We here at the bridge want to wish our family and friends...A Happy New Year Quinn

A very handsome Rottweiler came trotting up over the ridge. He ran over to me, as I greeted his arrival. "Hi, my name is Zeus, and I got to say that I really feel so much better. " as he shook himself. I got really, really sick. And the doctors tried everything they could, to find out what was wrong. My mom is so saddened by having to let me go. But I am so glad, as I don't think I could've gotten better, the way I was feeling. I want her to know that she showed me the best life I could ever ask for. I was her boy, and I love her very much. Please tell her that I will be watching over her, making sure she is safe. Until the day she and I can cross the bridge together. So tonight we will sit around and listen to the stories Zeus has to share with us. Quinn

Today was an amazing day here at the Bridge. You know I get lots of help from other friends of mine, greeting the new arrivals. Making sure they find their relatives and show them where they can settle in at.
As I am greeting the bigger dogs, my buddy, little red dog...Ernie comes racing around the corner, so, so excited. he just welcomed the sweetest little Yorkie. And couldn't contain himself, from jumping up so high with the biggest grin on his face. "Quinn, Quinn. meet my... new friend, and guess what? His name is Ernie, just like mine." Ernie is thinking that the two of them will become the best of friends. But something so big was about to happen. It happens all the time in the way when I close a posting, I will say that there will be a day that comes when a dog sees his earthly best friend and they cross the bridge together.
Ernie, the Yorkie is listening to my Ernie tell him where he will be staying. His ears twitched back and forth as he stared far off. There was a very tall handsome dark-haired man with a wonderful mustache, waving to Ernie. We all watched in wonder, as the two ran towards each other. John had been his papa and had passed away a short time ago, leaving Ernie very sad. He had had a wonderful life with his papa, and then he was gone. Leaving Ernie sad, confused, along with getting very sick with pneumonia. So the time had come for Ernie to cross over. What is so cool about this is, he and his papa will be together just like God's plan was for them Quinn

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