Exactly how quiet are our machines? We ran a test to find out. Come and hear it for yourself @Inside 3D Printing, Singapore Edition 27-28 Jan 2015.
We've launched QwikFab Flexi Filament and are accepting pre-orders at a launch price of S$70 (retail S$90) for 0.8 Kg worth of Flexi Filament till 14 Sept. See what kind of functional uses Flexi can do for you in the video! Expected delivery is approximately 14-21 days from pre-order close. Order now at
QwikFab announces new large format 3D printer for offices and industrial workspaces, see the video coverage of the reveal event and check out our website at now!

SeedHack 2016

QwikFab partners with Home-Fix, Microsoft and IDA for SeedHack 2016 as a 3D printing partner.

An event organised by Home-Fix and Partners to promote digital making for education. This SeedHack challenge gathers a diverse group from different walks of life and age, for an experience that is crafted to encourage everyone to come to gather to create, to code and to make educational kits that will be engaging, innovative and fun.

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All over the world, Pokémon is something of craze for the past few months. We decided that we should join in the fun. We set a lure and awaited, baiting a grand Pokémon, coat shiny as gold, tall as 30 cm. We called it Golden-Chu.

This Pokémon was printed with our new upcoming True Gold color from our shiny series of PLA filaments for 3D printer. Standing at 30 cm tall, this golden Pokémon was printed using our QwikFab Beast 3D printer. Personally, we love this gold color as i...t brings out the shine similar to real gold during our photo shoot.

If you are interested in our True gold filament and like to make a pre-order. Please contact us.

3D Design by
Low-Poly Pikachu by FLOWALISTIK
Published on June 27, 2014

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We just completed a beautiful print which we feel compelled to share with you, our faithful. This print took us well over 116 hours. Yes, you read it correctly, One hundred and sixteen hours. It was one of the longest and largest print to be executed on our QwikFab Beast Printer.

It was a request from a friend who had helped us along our journey as a startup.

It was printed with 100mm/s speed for most, slowing down for perimeters. The print towers at 48 cm height and requir...ed 34 cm in width build space. It was given 6 perimeters to make sure it had a sturdy shell but a 10% infill to utilise less filament. Overall the print utilised well over 2.5kg of filament. The filament was replaced on the fly while printing to make sure no stops was made. It was a success on the first go, on our QwikFab Beast 3D Printer. It was definitely an endurance test of the printer.

Queen Nefertiti's 1:1 replica printed in a single print, for a period of 116 hours using QwikFab Beast and QwikFab Q-PLA Black Filament.

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Throw back to last weekend at Revit RTC Technology Conference Asia 2015!

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From Virtual to Real - 3D Printing From Revit by Mark Cronin, proudly sponsored by Qwikfab!

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Happening right now: The Beast showcased at Revit RTC Technology Conference Asia 2015 at Sentosa

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Printing 12 heavy duty brackets/holders in Q-ABSat a time. If you look closely enough, it's practically solid infill density. Running 72 hours straight and counting without a hitch on the Beast 3D printer!

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QwikFab is feeling awesome.

QwikFab as featured on The Edge Singapore!

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Check out these new solid and bright colors we'll be introducing very soon.

As an extension of our runway sale on filaments; we will be accepting pre-orders for these colors at the same sale price of S$26 a kilo!

Here's the list:


Solid Series
Bright White
Grey Matter
Jet Black
Primary Blue
Primary Green
Primary Red
Agent Orange
Sky Blue
Pea Green
Candy Pink
Manga Skin

Translucent Series
Red Violet
Crystal Clear

Metallic Series
Brushed Steel
Inca Gold

Contact us at now to pre-order now!

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A few weeks ago we launched an runaway sale on our filaments and we've been cleared out! We're only left with these colors for 1.75mm!

Ocean Blue
Sapphire Blue
Neon Yellow...
Red Violet
Ruby Red
Mardi Gras Violet
Peppermint Green

For our Facebook followers only: e-mail us at for an next-to-nothing price of S$20! Contact us to reserve and collect now!

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Check out these drone parts that a friend printed using QwikFab Premium PLA Materials! Should we bring the color 'Blue Steel' back?

Qwikfab was at Jardines` Knowledge and Innovation Workshop, spreading the many practical and industrial applications 3D printing has!

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Steve being interviewed by The Edge business news

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SFIC Institute added 3 new photos.

Our trainees enjoying the "3D Printing In Action" workshop. Special thanks to our partner, QwikFab for making this workshop a success! QwikFab #3DPrinting

Last week QwikFab delivered the Beast 3D printer to Nanyang Polytechnic School of Engineering's Fab Lab! Mainly catered to third year students working on their final year projects, the students immediately started learning how to use the Beast and started prints on it!

3D printed action cam brackets in heat-resistant ABS for outdoor drone activities? Check.

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