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Today in 1616, William Shakespeare died. As he was baptised on 26 April 1564, it is likely that today was also his birthday:…/shakespeare-borrowed…/

“A 16th-century manuscript hidden in the depths of the British Library and decoded using plagiarism software has been pinpointed as a previously unknown source for Shakespeare’s plays. &#8220…
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Lesley Barbara Proudfoot
· February 12, 2018
Our King who was lost to us for so long is now at peace.

Today in 1526, Anne St. Leger, Baroness de Ros, died:…/who-was-at-sheriff-h…/

As I understand it, Richard sent his nieces Elizabeth and Cicely/Cecily to Sheriff Hutton before Bosworth, in the care of John de la Pole, Earl of Lincoln, who was then Richard’s successor as…

Today in 1509, Henry VII died at Richmond Palace:…/was-henry-vii-always…/

Yet again, I tell you the old story of looking for one thing and happening on something else. This time an article that questions the ultimate effectiveness of Henry VII’s reign. Well, rather…

Edward of Middleham died on or about this day in 1484:

One of the greatest personal travails endured by Richard III was the loss of his young son who died a few months short of his eighth birthday. For a long time after hearing of this sudden tragedy, reported the Crowland Chronicle, his parents were almost out of their minds with grief.[1] And under...
Richard duke of Gloucester: courage, loyalty, lordship and law[1] “ Men and kings must be judged in the testing moments of their lives Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities bec…

Today in 1367, the future Henry IV was born at Bolingbroke Castle/

On this day, 14th April 1471 - the Battle of Barnet. Richard, then Duke Of Gloucester was probably injured during the battle, although was well enough to fight again at Tewkesbury a few weeks later. The Battle of Barnet also saw the death of the Earl of Warwick.

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Philippa Langley MBE will be giving a talk on the Looking for Richard Project on Sunday 29th April at 10.30am at Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery as part of the Doncaster Heritage Festival. For details visit their website…/c…/doncaster-heritage-festival

The 8th annual Doncaster Heritage Festival will be the biggest and best ever! Doncaster's Heritage Services are putting together a varied programme of events, talks and workshops. There will be something for everyone so keep checking back on this page for regular updates!

For those in the UK, the TV series 'The Plantagenets' presented by Professor Robert Bartlett will begin a repeat showing tonight on BBC4 at 10.00pm.

Henry II forges a mighty empire encompassing England and much of France.

Today in 1240, Llewellyn Fawr (the Great) died at Aberconwy Abbey:…/edward-iv-the-other-…/

While doing some research, I came upon a beautiful 15th century scroll of Edward IV on the website of the Philadelphia Free Library, showing the King’s full line of descent with stunning ima…

Further to the post we published on 8th April regarding the first Richard III Annual Lecture at the King Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester on Tuesday 29th May, we have now been informed that the lecture will be free of charge. However places are limited, so to ensure your seat, please email the Visitor Centre at including your name and how many people are in your group, to be sure of a place.

Edward IV reputedly died today in 1483:…/the-mysterious-death…/

Edward IV 1442-1483 For a king whose reign is otherwise well documented it is curious that the cause of Edward’s death remains a mystery. It would appear that his death was unexpected. It s…

The first Richard III Annual Lecture, held by the University of Leicester Medieval Research Centre and the King Richard III Visitor Centre will be held on Tuesday 29th May 2018 at the Visitor Centre in Leicester. The topic is 'Plantagenet Portraits in the 15th and 16th Centuries: Contemporary Contexts for the Image of Richard III'. The lecture will be presented by Charlotte Bolland from the National Portrait Gallery. All are welcome.

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Today in 636, St. Isidore, now patron saint of the internet, died in Seville, where he was Archbishop:…/this-blog-is-brought…/

… by a thing called the internet. The internet may only have been invented by (Sir) Tim Berners-Lee (left) during the eighties but it has a much older patron saint – the seventh century…

Today in 1043, Edward the Confessor was crowned.

Today in 1502, Arthur "Tudor", Prince of Wales, died at Ludlow:…/the-truth-about-prin…/

As so often happens, acquiring a book for a specific reason leads to something else that is quite thought-provoking. In this case, the book is The Medieval Python: The Purposive and Provocat…