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Victoria Joss
· August 3, 2017
I used to go to Rick's when it was in Clearwater I always loved this type of place I wish they were not so far away and I wish they were a bit cheaper for certain items but over all, they rock!
Justin W. Hortz
· January 17, 2015
Really rad little shop with a plethora of eye-catching art, unique nick-nacks, and a great mix of locally produced goods. Super friendly, courteous, and quirky shop attendant Amanda gave a great tour... for a first time customer and helped make the experience quite pleasant. Great place to shop, and I will definitely be a return customer. Highly recommended for locals and visitors alike! See More
Kelly Matias
· November 14, 2014
I've been stopping in at this local shop for a few years now. If your looking for unique items, art or jewelry this is the place. Staff is always pleasant and kind. Do your town a favor and shop local!
Joe Swidecki
· September 11, 2014
Ricks Picks is one of the best stores in Dunedin. If you're looking for something unique and or you want your own trend, then Ricks is by far the best place to go. They have and or will make whatever is you need to get the uniqueness you desire. The staff especially including Rick himself are very helpful, insightful and professional when you have any questions or helpfull hints on whatever it is you want. And you can also learn about local bands, shows, and anything going on in Dunedin. So for a Producer like myself is great especially for the fans and those who just want to find something fun to do. Five stars!! By the way I was just in there today to purchase a earing and just like always great service and cool people. Thanks Ricks Picks your the best. See More
Amanda Hankins
· August 19, 2016
What a great experience! Can't wait to go back when I have time to design a piece and make in the store. Alex and her dad Rick were fantastic, I could spend hours in there!
Carol Todes
· July 11, 2017
I found this small store in Dunedin, Florida. LOVE beads! Boomerang ashtrays!! Rick is the owner. He is fun to talk to. Don't miss this place,
Lot's to look at....
Alec Cusack
· March 12, 2016
Great people and great products with a warm atmosphere. My girlfriends son had a blast exploring all the different items. Thank you guys for being so polite and welcoming!
Jodi Berard-DiPerrio
· May 29, 2016
A very groovy place for fun finds and beads galore! Staff is awesome ....good vibrations
Kaleb Christian
· October 11, 2014
Great place great people definitely one of the best places to stop in dunedin..
Silvia Judy
· February 10, 2015
Found Rick's when I moved down here in '89. Awesome place to find incense, beads, etc. Oh yeah Rick is kewl too. lol
Timothy Brian
· July 7, 2016
been going here since i was a young man .. always a slice of joy to visit
Haile Mariam Mengistu
· November 8, 2016
Hopefully now that #2 passed it will become DR. Ricks Picks!!!!
Robert Mittendorf
· March 18, 2016
Great items in the staff are very nice. Been there twice I will be going back again.
Lance Bridgeman
· August 23, 2014
Unique store
Who doesn't love candy machines? Now were giving you the opportunity to buy this beauty for $60 without tax. Fully functional