Happy Birthday Matt, we love & miss you

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"hi big guy, its mom just stop to say hi. and tell you about are little dog lewie. he makes are little peanut look like a sweet little thing.lewie is one of the mean.little dog you ever meet. he is the only little dog, that i no does not like to be petted. or held or, only on his term. and you can not come bye me when he is around. he will bite. every one here is doing good jimmy is taking good care of your games. and justin is being justin. i love and miss you guys so much. be good. love mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxox"

"hay matt. it,s mom. just wanted to tell you happy sweet 16. i no dad and you are driving around in the car or truck of your dream.i just want you guys to come home. so you can take me for a drive,i realy need one of your funny faces today.and i want to give you 16 kisses all over your face. i did that every year. and you would give me on of thoes looks. and say are you happy now.happy sweet 16 birthday. and i love you so very much and i miss you, more then any thing in this hole wide world. love you momxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo"

Happy 16th Birthday, Matthew!!!!!

"hay buddy it,s mom just wanted to say high and happy july forth, i no you and dad are having a lot of fireworks.i miss you so very much, every day that goes by. it,s seems to get harder.but i no wew will be together soon. i dont no how much i got left in me. things are looking so good for me right at this time,but i no you and dad want me to fight, for your brothers. love and miss you and very much xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxox mom"

Happy 4th of July Matt, we miss you bud... ~Kyle

hay big guy, it,s mom just wanted to say hi and i love you so very much. and i miss you so very much.every day i wait for you and dad to come thur that door. but i no down deep in my heart you are in a realy good place with dad and youxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox. mom

"hay big guy, just wanted to say hi and to tell you i love you so very much. and to tell you how much i miss you more and more as each day goes by. you no right now we schould be study for your driving test. but i no daddy already show you how to drive. cause you are in a place that you can do anything that your heart wants to do. i love you and miss you, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox mom"

"hay big guy, happy easter i no daddy got you your big easter basket. i got your big kiss. that i got you every year. but lewie the puppy. thinks it for him. cause it on your shrine. boy is he a mean little doggy. he makes our peanut look like a sweet little thing. lewie is a very mean little dog. but i would not trade him for any thing in this hole wide world. cause sissy tania gave him to me. i hope you and daddy had your ham dinner. and tell daddy that we all miss his ham gravy. love and miss you both.xoxoxoxoxoxox mom"

"hay big guy, it, mom i am so ready to be with you and dad so bad.i just so lost and i cant find my way out. i realy need your help. i just need a sign from you ordad to tell me it.s going to be ok. i need one of those looks of yours or dads. love and miss you both som much xoxoxoxoxoxoxox, mom" -Matt's Mom

"hay buddie, its mom i no i have not been on for a while. i just want you to no that i love you more and more every day. they say its gets easyer. well not for me. i miss you so very much. i no and dad had a great super bowl party. love you little man. xoxoxoxoxxoxox. mom" -Matt's Mom

"hay buddy, it,s mom just want you to have a happy new year. i realy miss you so much and i realy dont want to start a nother new year with out you and dad. and i no that you r with me every day but i just not the same. i love and miss you so very much. happy new year. love mom,xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo" -Matt's Mom

"merry christmas my baby boy. i hope you got every you wanted. cause you are so very speical. and you get to have daddy ham gravy. i love and miss you merry christmas.oxoxoxoxox mom" -Matt's Mom

Merry Christmas Matt, I miss ya... -Kyle

"Hey my boy. it is christmas eve, it is so hard with out you and daddy. i dont do any for christmas any more. that was are hoilday.your borthers unstand. i love you and i miss you more and more. as the days go one. i just want you to walk threw that door and ask me what i made for dinner or were are the cookies. and you always open one gift, i love you. oxoxoxoxoxoxo. mom" -Matt's mom

Hey Matt, just wanted to check in and tell you I miss ya... I'm going through hard times in my life right now, and I feel as if you'd know what to say... I wish you were still here, but I know you're safe in God's arms. Love ya Matt. -Kyle Yerkey; Admin #TakenTooSoon