Today will make it Five Months since Naldo died!

#R.I.P Sweedie!

Merry Christmas EveryOne

Sadly Naldo isn't here to celebrate Christmas with his friends & Family but always remember he's here in spirit..!

May god continue to bless his family


Naldo is watching down at us

Have A bless Christmas EveryOne


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Please take a minute of your time to share a moment of silence for the 6 year old babygirl who was found dead in building 5 of maloney 1 hour ago with clothes stuffed untop of her in a barrel.

Trinidad has become so disgusting with all these criminals

#RIPBabyGirl.. No need to worry anymore.. They will suffer for their sins..


Re-bc if yuh have a heart

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Today is a very sad day...

#Naldo would have been celebratin his birthday with us today

But jus remember..He is watching us & keep him in our prayers

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Today is #Naldo's Birthday

He turned 15 today

Let's keep him in our prayers as his soul rest in peace...

Today Makes Four Months

RIP Naldo you're still in our hearts

We need to pray for our country Trinidad & Tobago

#R.I.P To Everyone That Lost Their Life Yesterday

May god be with their family & friends

Love you Naldo.... RIP

Always remember Naldo....His soul is with us!

Today will make it One Month since Naldo died!

#R.I.P Sweedie!

It takes 9 months to Be born & 1 second To die. Too many Funerals & not enough Graduations. Too many Baby showers & not enough weddings. So many Parents & many Lost children....

You will always be remembered by your mom & your dad & by the world So to God your tiny soul we release. We know that your heart is at eternal peace. We must realize God loves children, Angels are hard to find.

R.I.P NALDO shared a Page.


There is an 8 months old beautiful baby girl, Lola who is victim of social media bullying.

Recently, an image with the caption "My sister should really go to jail for giving birth to this ugly mutherf*****" The guy who started this doesn't know her and never met her. Lola suffers from Apert Syndrome which affects the skull.


Thousands of people have seen this image, but don't know the truth. I hope you can share her story.

My prayers goes out to this child and her family

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For those who are wondering about the twins and other girl who died

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Niqqa You Aint Serious

This tragic vehicular accident has claimed three;

Around four O'clock this morning 20 years old Anthony Balkissioon of Concord Ave Pointe A pierre, was driving ...a RX PCL 6804 when upon reaching the San Fernando by pass he reportedly lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a bridge.

Two occupants of the vehicle 18 years old twin sisters, Khadija and Khertima Taylor were thrown out on impact. Their heads were completely smashed on the roadway

The twin sisters are from Jack St Marabella and students of San Fernando Convent

19 year old Kafiya Gill a University of the West Indies student succumbed to her head & internal injuries this morning.

Atkinson Derrick 19 and the driver 20 year old Anothony Balkissoon both of Concord Avenue Marabella UWI students are warded at San Fernando General in critical condition

The teens were returning home after liming at Carnival City, Gulf City La Romain

Police believe the driver was speeding and may have been drinking


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To many young people are dying in the world today!

#R.I.P To everyone who lost a young family member!