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September is the month of regattas and is now mere days away! So catch the wave! Check your email for event updates.

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For sons and daughters interested in sailing, Mark Williams emailed:

Hi Guys,

I'm not sure if many of you have HS kids that are interested in sailing, but there is a RTP HS Sailing Club that practices out at Lake Crabtree. They will be having a Intro Club meeting on Thurs 8-29 at Lake Crabtree. The RTP HS club is sponsored by Car[olina] Sailing Foundation which is connected with Car Sailing Club.. I've met a bunch of good CSC people through the HS club. More info:

The RTP HS Sailing club will also participate in an ISSA HS regatta that is scheduled the same weekend as CatFest, Lake Norman. I hope to get a group of kids to camp that weekend.. My oldest daughter will sail in the HS regatta and my youngest daughter is sailing with me on a H16 at CatFest.

I can let you know more at our meeting next week if you are interested.


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RTP High School Sailing will kick off the 2013-2014 RTP High School Sailing Season with "Pizza at the Park" on Thursday, August 29th at 6:30 p.m. at Lake Crabtree County Park. Would you like to join us? Use the "contact us" form to give us your email address and we'll send the details to you. If you...

More Cat Fest information from Mark Van Doren. (NOR link included):

Ahoy Hobie Sailors,

Attached is the Notice of Race for the Cat Fest / Division 9 Hobie 16 Championships to be held at Lake Norman Yacht Club, just north of Charlotte, NC, from September 7-8. Cat Fest is an open multihull regatta, however, the Hobie 16’s will have their own start and their fleet will constitute a sanctioned HCA points regatta, should a minimum of five boats participate. At this point, it ap...pears that we will meet the minimum requirement. Other Hobies are welcome and can race in the open classes. Since we haven’t had an HCA event in several years in Division 9, my guess is that some of you may be concerned about your boat not being class-legal – don’t sweat it – unless you’ve got something that will obviously give you an unfair advantage, you will be scored for HCA points and national rankings. Old solid aluminum masts are welcome. Even if your boat grossly violates class rules (aftermarket high performance sails and light weight single-handers are about the only things I can think of), you can still sail and we’ll tabulate a second non-HCA score sheet with adjusted PHRF scores. Our goal is to include all H16s while at the same time offering the opportunity for one-design racing. We want everybody on the water. If you are new to racing, we especially want you to join us.

Hobie sailing in Divison 9 is enjoying a resurgence. We've reactivated Fleet 53 in Charleston and Fleet 97 in Raleigh this year and Cat Fest will host the first HCA points regatta we’ve had here in several years. We are reinvigorating Hobie sailing and would love to have as much participation as possible to keep our momentum rolling. Cat Fest is traditionally a great regatta and we are thrilled that the Lake Norman Yacht Club will be hosting us. Please preregister, per instructions in the NOR, so that the folks at LNYC can get an accurate head count for their planning purposes.

Please contact me if you have any Hobie specific questions at For questions regarding LNYC or the other multihull fleets, please contact Alan Elam at We look forward to seeing you there. Please help us spread the word by passing this on to your sailing buddies.

Mark Van Doren

HCA Division 9 Chairman…/0B78NyQG49AfoSUhZRV90dlI2TGM/edit…

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Always thought this was kind of funny. It's a screen shot of Vista Point from Google Maps (go to Google Maps and search Vista Point, NC and click "Satellite"), If you look closely, the only boat launching at the moment the photo was taken was a catamaran.

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Oh yeah, the Duck Cup!

It's on for September 21 & 22. A casual event at Nor'banks Sailing in Duck, NC and is usually held in June but was postponed due to the tropical storm. But now rescheduled! It's a great fun distance race at a beautiful location. Details upcoming on places to stay. You can either bring a boat or rent a Wave or Getaway from Nor'banks. Will try to get rates on that as well.

Boat / Sailing Instructor
'Nor'Banks is the Outer Banks' premiere sailing & watersports operation since 1979 | Duck, North Carolina
Nor'Banks Sailing & Watersports
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Didn't see good sailing day in the making. Good winds Sunday at Jordan, starting about 10 a.m. and going to 3 p.m.

Screen shot below from NOAA wind history for Jordan area. Date, time, and then wind reading in third column from left.

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Great job, Garrett!

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Any recommendations on places to launch on the NC Coast?

Wave at Kitty Hawk below

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Sailing without wind is called a tanning session...

Got a preferred, reliable windforecaster?

Many wind and weather forecasts out there. A few are consistently reliable. NOAA predicts wind only a day or two ahead (doesn't go out on a limb), puts wind forecasts in ranges like 3-5 mph, 5-7 mph, 10-15 mph, etc. (again, wisely, doesn't go out on a limb), and has been fairly consistent.

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The NWS Storm Prediction Center is forecasting a risk of severe thunderstorms Thursday afternoon and evening across parts of the Upper Midwest, northern Great Lakes, upstate New York and into extreme western New England. The main threats will be large hail and damaging winds, though a couple of torn...

My apologies. I inadvertently erased Garrett's post on Cat Fest...

He said: "Mark Saturday, Sept 7, 2013 to Sunday, Sept 8, 2013 on your calendars for Cat Fest at Lake Norman Yacht Club, 297 Yacht Road, Mooresville, NC."

Preregistration is required. Check link.

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RTP Beachcats added a new photo.
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