Founded in 1998
Hip Hop/R&B/Soul
Band Members
Azan Addin
Cat Farish
Zain Hamid
Amer Munawer
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Kuala Lumpur
Record Label
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Ruffedge was officially formed in 1998 with four original members who consisted of Cat, Zain, Azan and Azim. Cat and Zain had been performing together since 199...7 under a different group named Vibe. Azim came highly recommended by Azan, who was at one point, a member of Innuendo’s earlier line up. After a heavy stint of gigs, events and performances, Ruffedge decided that they were ready to perform competitively hence, their 1st runner up title for the 1999/2000 Sony Face On competition. This was after they aided Too Phat in obtaining their first hit single ever, “Too Phat Baby” by being featured in it. After acquiring them some reputation, Azim departed from the group for other responsibilities, and left a void in the group that was filled by Mode. Armed with their long list of experience performing in Penang, Malacca and Singapore aside from their Klang Valley regulars, they produced a demo that clinched them a recording deal for a double-header album together with VE(Voice of Euphonious). To further equip them with vocal prowess, Ruffedge invited Amer as the 5th member of the group. This could not have been timelier since Mode felt he owed it to himself to further his studies in Australia, doing his professional studies in architecture. With 4 in Malaysia and 1 abroad, Mode still managed to find time to promote their debut album ‘Defined’ which was released in March 2003. When Mode came back from Australia after completing his masters he was faced with a tough decision. He had to practice for two years in order to receive his certificate in architecture. Mode decided to pursue his career as an architect but still continues to work behind the scene for Ruffedge as a composer. Ruffedge was now left with four members once again. Their album ‘Defined’ went platinum and that saw the birth of ‘Re-Defined’ Platinum edition. Ruffedge felt that something was amiss while promoting ‘Re-Defined’ platinum edition so they decided to yet again invite a 5th member into the group. The boys got together and all agreed to add Hussein from M.O.B. to the Ruffedge family.

Ruffedge hopes to embody the concept of R&B/Soul with a touch of Hip Hop in their music and image. This concept was first introduced by Bell Biv DeVoe and was further developed by Jodeci with finesse. In their humble beginning, Ruffedge started out with their couldn’t-care-less attitude when it came to performances, being more impromptu than composed, and using more instincts rather than techniques. This earned them their ‘rough’ image. Later on as they were more refined and matured, the name “Ruffedge” was concocted in coherence with the edge they have in their rough harmonies and vocals, a distinct attribute that would distinguish them from the rest of the pack.

Ruffedge strives to re-define the meaning of an R&B soul group in the realm where geographical borders diminish.
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Current Location
Kuala Lumpur
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