Nosey shows us in this video submitted by Jennie Nieland that string isn't just for cats and tug o' war isn't just for dogs.
Announcing the Playful Rabbit Video Contest! Is your rabbit a big goofball? We'd love to see it! To enter the contest simply record your bunny binkying, playing games like hide and seek, or generally being silly, then send the video to, and we'll post it in an album of contestant videos. In two weeks, a winner will be picked and given a prize. Here is some inspiration to get you going! "RW Alum Viola encounters a shoe rack for the first time"
Baby bunny head scratch. That is all. (Except maybe congratulations to Salinger for growing up and being adopted!)
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Wolf Nina
· August 15, 2013
in all my long years of working for and with non-profits, RW is the best-run organization I've seen. I'm so honored to work with them on projects and events. The care they provide, and the manner wi...n which they do it, is without comparison. Their professionalism shines through in their recruitment and management of volunteers, their media and graphics pieces, their partnering in the community, their strong ethics and the relationships they have built with veterinarians. They are a fine example of what animal non-profits CAN be. See More
Shelby Dreher
· July 17, 2016
Rabbit wranglers has truly been a blessing! It is more than just an organization. It is a support system even after you make the adoption. I adopted Zapfino a few months ago. After realizing he would well with a friend, I contacted Alyssa again. She got back to me right away and less than a week later we met 5 wonderful bunnies that she thought would do well with my little guy. The experience went very well and now I have two little bunnies at home and the bonding process has begun! Everyone was so nice and genuinely loved the bunnies. I would recommend Rabbit Wranglers to anyone! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to adopt Zapfino and Blondy. They are amazing! See More
Zachary Pagley
· August 11, 2014
I have nothing but praise for Rabbit Wranglers of Pittsburgh! I contacted Suaz on a Thursday morning, fearing that we would have to put our 9 yr old Holland Lop, Rourke to sleep that night. She took into her care and the care of Rabbit Wranglers for the past 3 weeks and he is doing great! We brought him back home yesterday and it looks as if he will sticking around with us for a while! We can never thank this group enough! Thank you! See More
Angelo Daniels
· April 10, 2016
After our dog of 15 years passed we wanted another pet but weren't quite ready for a puppy. After several failed attempts at other agencies we adopted Rocco (our mini Rex) from Rabbit Wranglers. We ha...d a great experience. Alyssa was very knowledgeable and helpful. She really loves her bunnies! They are doing great work at RW, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a rabbit. Don't shop, adopt! See More
Switch Harris
· March 7, 2017
I love rabbit wranglers so much!! They've been very very helpful throughout my journey of learning about rabbits and being a bun parent. They even tried helping one of our rabbits who passed from e cu...niculi. We shortly fell in love with our little fur ball mila and adopted her through them � See More
Carrie Evans Roman
· April 15, 2015
Suaz and Rabbit Wranglers saved my little Licorices life....they are heaven sent and thank you for being there for people needing help with their buns! I will forever be grateful to you! Carrie, John ...and Licorice See More
Chris Mathyssek
· November 21, 2013
The two kind, dedicated and organized founders of RW managed to organize a remarkably large group of volunteers to help with pretty much any bunny-issue you can imagine.
Wozny Tanning
· March 25, 2015
One of the best shelters I have ever dealt with, i have nothing but kind words.
Stephanie Davis
· August 24, 2014
I have adopted 3 rabbits from this group and now I'm a volunteer.
Kevin Semian
· November 16, 2013
These people do such a great job taking good care of one of gods most precious creatures. Keep up the great work!
Emily Vertullo
· August 28, 2013
Rabbit Wranglers are real Heros!! They are a wonderful organization, run by amazing people!
Heather Bagaley Donley
· June 13, 2014
Rabbit Wranglers is a wonderful organization that is always willing to help rabbits in need!
Rose Ronan
· August 15, 2013
Great organization, very caring, will go out of their way to make sure things are done correctly
Kristina Hout
· August 15, 2013
Best rescue ever!
Kelly Hoffmann
April 28, 2013
Love me some bunnies!!

Well, look who made the media! (We hope the 23 other buns we removed from the same house don’t get jealous!)

Look for our gemstone bunnies to meet them all.

Meet some Pittsburgh shelter pets in need of forever families!

This week, 4 wonderful pets are looking for good homes. There’s Sprinkles the cat from Animal Fri...ends, Rufus the dog from Orphans of the Storm (No Kill Animal Shelter), Patch the dog from Animal Protectors of Allegheny Valley and Aquamarine the rabbit from Rabbit Wranglers.

See More
Are you looking to bring a pet into your home? Local animal shelters are a great place to find a furry companion. This week, Furry Tails features Sprinkles, Rufus, Patch and Aquamarine!

This little fella is eager to meet you!

Loads of fun activities for all ages. Come inside and visit the bunnies and keep your eye out for a bunny hopping around outside (weather permitting) to greet everyone. Pssst…Her name is Ruby!

Sat 11:00 AM EDTAngora GardensWhite Oak, PA
28 people interested

Bunnies and volunteers will be on hand to visit and teach about house rabbits, their proper care, and what Rabbit Wranglers is all about.

Sat 11:00 AM EST70 Trinity Pt Dr, Washington, PA 15301
7 people interested

Egg hunt, kid-oriented activities, prizes, and, best of all, real bunnies to visit!

Sat 11:00 AM EST522 Rock Run Rd, Elizabeth, PA 15037
12 people interested

What happens in Vegas isn’t staying there anymore. Four medically needy rabbits are heading our way today. We are excited to welcome them and grateful to our volunteer, Gretchen, for transporting them on the last leg of their journey to us.

But, we’d like to do more…the rabbits are counting on us!

Can you help us free up some space? We need more volunteers to provide foster homes for our rabbits and we need adopters for our rabbits who are ready and waiting for their forever homes. Contact to get started as a volunteer or to begin the adoption process.

Image may contain: one or more people

This little one was set free to fend for herself. Thanks to a Good Sam alerting us, we were able to catch Harriet rather quickly. We are working through some issues but she’s really enjoying life being doted on in her foster home. Thanks Bri, for documenting her personality! (We respond to all calls about domestic rabbits running at large - mostly with expens in hand and traps to leave with explicit directions to capture the bunny safely. Seen a domestic Bun in your neighborhood? Call us!)

Image may contain: cat
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Bry Photography added 2 new photos.

Couple photos I took of the foster bun we have staying with us. Little Harriet, The Spy!

Aquamarine is one of 24 rabbits that we admitted two weeks ago. She arrived in the worst shape - you could feel every bone in her spine, a cataract in one eye, and missing most of her fur. An endless supply of heating disks, supplemental food and some tasty meds and she was ready to move to her new foster home. Thank you Sandra, for documenting her story.

Sandra Villarroel added 7 new photos — with Alyssa O'Toole and Suaz Balint Jungle Forsythe.

I fell in love with rabbits when I discovered how resilient yet fragile they were.
Aquamarine is no different. Behind are the days in which she was a weak scary... little bunny.
She has now developed into full a full teenager, with a curious and sassy spirit.
Aquamarine, along 22 others bunnies, is a Rabbit Wranglers 's rescue, out of a hoarding situation.
She was extremely emaciated and partially bald (you can still see the patches on her back).
She has the number 48 tattooed inside her right ear, and it makes me sad to think that all this sass, was simply just a number for someone else.

Aquamarine enjoys fennel, bananas, and carrot tops (organic only, please).
She has already learned to use her litterbox and has had no pee accidents since her arrival.
She loves exploring the living room and doing binkies around the coffee table, and throws tantrums when she needs to be in her pen. She is determined to remain a wild spirit, what a coincidence for her to end up here, with someone who feels just like her!

2/2/2018 #rabbitsarepeopletoo #fostermom

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Yesterday morning, we welcomed 22 new rabbits who were being housed in a garage and were no longer wanted.

The rabbits were transported to Pittsburgh where they were triaged. Animal Friends performed spay/neuter surgeries on the only healthy candidates - 10 rabbits. Then, Rabbit Wranglers’ incredible volunteers answered our call and offered to take the bunnies home to foster.

But, there is much more to do and we need your help!


We need additional foster volunteers to help those who took multiple rabbits into their homes last evening.

We need monetary donations to help with veterinary costs including spay/neuter surgeries and daily care supplies like greens, pellets, hay, and supplemental feed.

To donate by check, mail it to Rabbit Wranglers, PO Box 8003, Pittsburgh PA 15216

To donate by credit card ...

-- go online by clicking this link:…

-- or send money via PayPal to

-- or call Alyssa at 412-580-6068.

We need adopters too … not for these – they aren’t quite ready - but for our existing rabbits who are.

Together, we can do this!

See More
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Let's do this!

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Biscuits Bingo

Here is the first of some great updates for 2018’s Biscuits Bingo!!! Tickets available to purchase online! Please keep your receipts for proof of purchase!! Only 560 tickets will be sold!!!


Oh no! Please take note!

Food safety experts at Consumer Reports are advising people in the U.S. and Canada to stop eating romaine lettuce. During the past seven weeks, 58 people in the U.S. and Canada have become ill from the strain of E. coli O157: H7. One person in each country has died. In the U.S., the infections have�...

Name’s Hucklebuck. I’m available. Call me.

Image may contain: cat

Enjoying the spoils of the holiday and wishing you a merry merry!

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