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Sunday is a great day for doing food prep & getting yourself set up for the week! ❤️ I find having healthy & yummy food on hand helps sooo much on busy weeknights! This is a one minute video I did on Instagram. Here's what I ended up making... ❤️ Hungarian chickpeas (double batch) ❤️ Dahl (soup) ❤️ Ethiopian yellow split peas ❤️ Strawberry chia pudding ❤️ Reduced fat almond mayo ❤️ Veggie prep (I cut up cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, and cabbage) ❤️ Peanut sauce (for spring rolls!) What's your go-to dish that makes your week healthier when you prep it in advance???
This is a short snippet from my Instagram stories that I had to share with you! ❤️ This is one of my favorite SUPER simple, healthy desserts. 🍎🍏🍎 Here's what I did... ✔️ Cut an apple in half and took out the seeds/inedible parts. ✔️ Turned upside in a metal dish and drizzled with maple syrup and a generous amount of cinnamon. ✔️ Bake at 400 (or air fry) until tender and gorgeously browned. In my air fryer, it took 12 minutes! Sooo healthy, light, and easy! ❤️❤️ ✔️ If you're on Instagram, feel free to connect there too. I post a lot more in my stories! @tesschallis 😉😘

Looking for a knockout #vegan dessert to impress guests over the weekend? This orange spiced baklava will definitely score 💯 !!!! 🍊😋💞💣💥

This orange-spiced baklava will have everyone absolutely raving!

I love keeping this Cilantro Lime Rice on hand because it adds SO much flavor to burritos, tacos, and Mexican bowls. 😋 The recipe is from my cookbooks & also HERE -->…/…/4/16/taco-tuesday-every-day

Photo by Anna Pelzer, Vegan Food Photographer (follow her for fabulous avocado love!!!) 🥑💕🥑💕🥑

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