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Can it be June tenth yet?!? My last day of school, too.


heyy guys... In case you haven't seen there was a school stabbing near Pittsburgh today... 21 students and a security guard were stabbed. If you watch Dance Moms on Lifetime, it is the school that Brooke and Paige Hyland attend... Franklin Regional is about an hour away from my High School, In which, while I was at the YSU English Festival, Had our 4th bomb threat in two weeks... #PrayForFranklinRegional #prayForFR

holy shit that episode! AMAZING!!!!!!! idk what to even think now, A isn't Ezra, but it definitely is a guy... they say that Mrs. D was covering for someone, who obviously isn't Spencer's dad.. I'm thinking it is either Toby ( I Know, don't shoot me for it) or Jason... what are you guy's theories?

In case anyone hasn't heard, Ravenswood was not renewed for a second season. The last episode that was aired (the season finale) was the series finale. thoughts???

should i start using this page again

i had a dream that toby was my boyfriend & i woke up extremely disappointed

who else can't wait?!?!?!?!?!?! the day is finally here!!!!!!!!!!

why is the grudge in Ravenswood? ummm.... that's what it looked like to me anyways...
~lauren just happened?

wow. wow. i have no other words. wow.

3 weeks till the Halloween special! and even more.... RAVENSWOOD!!!!!!!!!

okay, so unless Ezra is Big A, i don't think he is on the A team and may have been trying to protect Aria and the others because he sensed trouble... the reason he slammed the wardrobe door is because the girls weren't there... what are your thoughts???

I feel personally victimized by Ezra Fitz.

The only excuse I can think of for Ezra being there is that he followed aria there after they had coffee and was angry that she was keeping that -A was back from him. Hopefully this is true and it will keep me happy until October 22nd.

So, now i feel like this entire show has been a lie. How can FREAKING EZRA be -A?! The only "trustworthy" person in rosewood. Ever since i saw the leaked Halloween special promo that said Ezra was -A, i had a bad feeling but I didn't think it was true! Geez, I can't even except this. This is worse than when Toby was -A. Well, Ezra is now kinda ruined for me.

And, not that it was a huge surprise, but... ALI IS ALIVE!!? Sweet!

So this evening don't bode too well with me....

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