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Rafael L Espinal Jr.

Great short documentary by BRIC TV on the history of the (no dancing) cabaret law and the impact the repeal will have on the future of the nightlife community

Brooklyn Council Member Rafael L. Espinal breaks down the history of the Cabaret Law, prohibition, and how the law was used to target clubs and venues owned ...
Repeal of (No Dancing) Cabaret Law

ICYMI: I passed a bill that’ll increase access to diaper changing stations in BOTH women and men public bathrooms.

A new bill will require all public restrooms in New York City to have diaper changing tables.

I pushed to repeal the cabaret law to send a signal that NYC will always be the Nightlife cultural capital of the world. No longer will a law used to silence marginalized communities and hurt our iconic nightlife continue to be in our books.

As expected, on Monday evening, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio signed legislation into law that will repeal the 91-year-old “cabaret law” that has long bedeviled nightclub owners. The la…

The MTA must make a switch from fossil fuel busses to electric. The L train shutdown is prime time to do so.

Residents are asking why the MTA plans to add diesel buses to the streets once the L train shuts down between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

TODAY is the NYC Democratic Primary. Please go out and Vote! My name will NOT appear on the ballot because no one is challenging my candidacy, officially making me the Democratic nominee for the General election on November 7th! Either way, it is important you make it out to the polls. There is still an election for Mayor, Public Advocate, Brooklyn District Attorney and Civil Court judges. Please take 10 minutes out of your day to cast your vote. Your voice matters in local elections just as much as they do in Presidential elections. I've seen local races won by as little as 2 votes. So every vote counts!

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Today is the day! 📞Call your @NYCCouncil Member NOW to Repeal NYC's racist 1926 ‘No Dancing’ Cabaret Law and #LetNYCDance!

City Council 212-788-7210
Calls count..., leave a message.

“May I speak with my Council Member?
Did you know social dancing is illegal in NYC?
Sign Rafael L Espinal Jr.'s Let NYC Dance Bill #1652. Repeal the racist 1926 'No Dancing' Cabaret Law.
Call me back.”

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Social dancing is illegal in NYC. Call City Council 212-788-7210: "Sign #LetNYCDance Bill #1652 to Repeal the Cabaret Law."

Join our campaign, which has been endorsed by a wide range of labor unions and organizations fighting the good fight! Honored to be fighting alongside these great institutions for a fairer NYC

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Proud to be endorsed by The #Brooklyn Young Dems and to be fighting for a greener NYC

The environment emerged as a running theme last night, when City Council candidates gathered in Bushwick to seek support for re-election and to address a variety of issues impacting north and south Brooklyn alike. The Brooklyn Young Democrats (BYD) political club hosted the event at Divine Bar and G...

We have to connect hungry New Yorkers to perfectly good food supply, before it becomes food wasted.

There's no reason for perfectly edible food to end up in landfills.

Shoutout to everyone participating in the #climatemarch. Your voices will make a difference

"It starts with us, and it starts today" my op-ed for VICE Impact on how we can #resist and take action to create change in our own cities

Combatting NYC's L train-shutdown and beyond with renewable energy.

MTA must make an expedient switch to electric buses to reduce our carbon emissions and improve our air quality, especially during the L train shutdown #climatechange #climatemarch

Would electric buses soften the blow of the approaching L train shutdown? City Council members Rafael Espinal and Stephen Levin think so, and yesterday they called on the MTA to make it happen. Aside from being an inconvenience for more than 200,000 daily commuters who ride the L train daily, the 15...

With a federal administration looking to roll back the clock on climate change initiatives, it is up to us to lead the way in cutting carbon emissions locally. #earthday #renewableenergy

One of the most significant contributors to climate change shows no signs of slowing down. On Tuesday, Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory found that there is now more planet-warming carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than ever previously recorded in human history — more than 410 parts per million. And as…