Working on older track, try some new ideas…

Switching, version 6.1 - 2006 Raidho in the experimental fase...

Nog maar eens, omdat ie zo fijn blijft...…

2012 - Version 2.1 Song about mind-fuckers and drugs that influence the brain, the mind and the spirit of a human being.. Missing : Vocals and vo...
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Sat 5:00 AMEindhoven, Netherlands
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Soon more info here...
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May 25, 2012
Equaliz (Jérémy Carrara) is a young electro musician/composer from Paris
Driving On Cocaine (Stray-mix) 3.2 2007 Original = Driving On Cocaine 6.2 2003 @ Studio Werff19 & Raidho Studio
Awake, versie 1.2 2010 catching up some older work; now working on drums and better hihats, vocals and some xtra tweaking-samples.

My new track online on Soundcloud! Check it now!

Don't roll the the dice, version 3.1 - 2012 Not finished, but already used in a theaterperformance called 'Grensgevallen'. Missing; vocals / voca...

Working @ Raidho's Studio; new songs...

Grensgeval - Theater De Garage (Venlo)

Lightdesgin and music by Raidho

ZA 31 maart 20:15...
ZO 1 april 15:00 en 20:15

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Working Raidho Studio for the Grensgevallen soundtrack

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2008 - Version 1.3 Im just a litle proud of this track ;) it was written and recorded in just one day..
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