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Lacey Lorance
· January 2, 2018
Back story to my review.. my son will be 13 in February & he LOVES music. He has an iPod that he won’t touch anymore because his Gramma found an old, working discman she had & he took it over. He thin...ks it’s the coolest thing ever. For Christmas, his dad gave him a record player and all he really asked for was a Walkman. My kid is old school. I didn’t get around to ordering the Walkman soon enough & it wouldn’t have made it by Christmas so I opted out & gave him cash & told him we had a date at Ralph’s Records when we got to Lubbock. I told him all about Ralph’s Records & how I bought all of my concert tickets there when I was 16 years old & somehow had my mom talked into letting me go to shows on weeknights at Liquid 2000. � Anyway, we walked in the door & my kid found a Walkman. � It literally made his LIFE. He also purchased 2 CDs & a cassette with his Christmas money. Not sure if my son did it or not but one of the CDs was cracked & I told him we would try & exchange it before we left back to Houston the next day. We stopped in on our way out of Lubbock & they didn’t have any in stock but were expecting a shipment the next day at 1. They were so nice about it, even if my son cracked it, they said they could exchange it. Well, he couldn’t find anything the same price so I asked if there was any way they could mail it if I paid shipping. No problem & he even took care of the shipping for us. Thank you so much for making my kid’s first experience at Ralph’s Records a great one. I have lots of great memories there & I am so happy my “old school” son will, too. Cheers to a great 2018, guys! You’re awesome & we will be back on our next visit to Lubbock! See More
Aaron Vann
· February 10, 2018
Bunches of selections, and that of course is my best friend's favorite store who actually go's their alot. If it's you Doug the owner I'm actually Justin's best friend who came with him yesterday and ...bought that used $6 Anthrax CD and that $8 Gerry and the Pacemakers cd, I don't know if it was used or not, was it? See More
Mb Campbell
· January 6, 2018
Went to Ralph's today and got a TON of great music and DVDs at a fantastic value. The staff is always friendly and very helpful. Even Josh....however, it was brought to my attention that Josh can be... an idiot. He thinks that if music doesn't have lyrics, then it is not music. Hey Josh, do you mean that Miles Davis didn't make music? See More
Nik Collins
· December 9, 2017
Always a fun time going to Ralph's, Chris and the rest of the staff are helpful and easy going, selection is great and always changing, and most importantly, it is a a well-run, long time Lubbock smal...l business. If you haven't been, you are missing out. Thank y'all for having the best selection on used console parts and movies! ✌ See More
Tommy Machado
· September 11, 2017
A few years ago I wanted to add to my already collection of vintage rock/ heavy metal albums. Ralphs has everything you need and if they don't have it, they can try to get it for you!
Lorri Rena Byers Clark
· January 13, 2018
Always fun to hang out at Ralph’s! Great staff, great vinyl, great place to buy tickets to events!
Juan Buentello
· September 8, 2017
Im stationed in kansas right now and theres nothing like a ralphs here, so i make it a point to come to this store anytime im back in lubbock, you guys are the best!
Alex Vega
· November 23, 2017
Great service and I love going there because I find what I'm looking for and more
Beck Lopez
· July 27, 2017
Part of the time, I felt I was back in the 70s when record stores were popping! Loved it! I'm glad they separate the movie and game room from the record room. Employees are very helpful!
Rebekah Corinne St. Clair
· October 9, 2017
This place is amazing and always has neat finds.
Jaime Johnson
· September 11, 2017
These guys have bent over backwards trying to help my family with my son's birthday present. Very happy here.
Rudy Escobar
· August 5, 2017
It a awesome place to go for anything you need and thay have a very awesome staff as well
Zane Ramirez
· June 4, 2016
Took 14 games to Ralphs last week few ps4 ps3 xbox 360 games and all in good condition. This short stubby dude looked at them all kind of threw them around on the counter like they where junk and me $16. Hell I would've just went to gamestop that guy was being a prick to me the moment I walked in... and no I didn't take his offer See More
Mark Mckenzie
· September 27, 2017
Ralph's Records has been a great Icon in Lubbock ���
Nic Hartley
· June 5, 2016
Travelled to Ralph's with my wife all the way from West Odessa yesterday. My birthday is in 2 weeks, but we went this weekend because she knows how much I love and collect vinyl.
I had been to Ralp...h's several times before, and was never able to spend more than 30 minutes there before I had to go.
Yesterday, I was able to spend a good 4-5 hours scouring as much vinyl as I could possibly handle.
Got a massive bundle (59 records) that hovered in the $300 range and was given a killer discount on top. Highly recommended for those who have the time to be able to dig deep. Very satisfied with our experience there!
Thanks guys!
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Bob Livingston
· December 12, 2016
Ralph Records is my favorite record store along with Waterloo Records in Austin, Bills in Dallas and Cactus Records and Houston. They are all four neighborhood stores like you don't find anymore. Ral...phs is a specially funky because you can wander the mysterious aisles and find treasures that even Ralph doesn't know he has. See More
Mike Hawk
· November 17, 2016
Ralph's Records has been serving the community for many years and offers the best selection of music and videos you can find anywhere. They also try to beat everyone's prices on new vinyl and CD inclu...ding chain stores! They are very helpful when I am shopping there and order stuff for me that is not in stock. I'm gonna miss this place when I move. I highly recommend you check this place out! See More
Heaven Reneé
· January 6, 2015
So my boyfriend and I go in here a lot, mainly for movies and the service is amazing. I think the guy we usually talk to is named Ian and he's super great with deals and a conversation. But this is my... favorite place to buy movies because it's really reasonable! See More
Sebastian Lumunfonk
· November 24, 2016
Its a great store for music with decent prices which is why the store is good. However, do not buy or sell video games from this store. One of the employees scams people and makes up prices. Tried to ...sell Fire Emblem on the GameCube (Keep in mind I ended up selling it on eBay for 75 dollars) and they offered me fucking five dollars for it with case and manual. They dont test their games as well and buys fucking terrible 3rd party stuff for older consoles. Its on par with Gamestop honestly. See More
Adam Hernandez
· October 9, 2016
These guys are always cool & help out artist, promoters, etc. by letting us put up posters & sell tickets. Not to mention all the music you can find on vinyl, cassettes & cd's here. Great place for mu...sicians & music lovers! See More
Melissa Gross
· April 11, 2017
We love Ralph's! You can find movies you can't find anywhere else! Plus it's fun to just come in and look around :) Before you spend money buying old videos/games/equipment-- check here first!
Joshua Roberts
· June 20, 2016
I've been going here since I was a kid. I've found many gems there that I otherwise would of never known about thanks to Mr Doug Stapp. If you're into rock at all he can point you towards some cool ab...stract stuff. Thanks to Doug and Ralph's records for the expanse in my music collection! See More
Chelsea Holloway
· April 10, 2017
The legendary Ralph's Records is THE place to find new and rare music, games, movies and cool stuff! Thanks Ralph!�
Cam Steward
· September 26, 2014
I make at least a monthly visit up here. Employees are super chill, almost always have the hookup on concert tickets, and have the best used music choices in town. A dude helped me order a Municipal W...aste album when they didn't have it in store. \m/ See More
Robert Harper
· March 1, 2017
Awesome record shop! They have anything you can of and more! And if they don't have it in stock they will get it for you! Great people and great customer service!!
Suzanne Losano
· May 4, 2016
Any kind of music or movie ur looking for ....its there.... Old and new .... Awesome come all the way from Abilene just to come to this store
Rachel Carrizales
· August 25, 2016
The staff is friendly helpful and if they don't have what you looking for they can order it and be ready to pick up usually in 2 days plus they call you and let you know about your order thanks you guys
Elizabeth Dawn Graf
· March 18, 2016
Really nice people. Good, fair prices they had so many LP's and 45's I could spend all day in Ralph's and still not go through it all. I will definitely come back when I'm back in Lubbock.
Cindy Moreno
· July 10, 2015
Looking for old records(33s &45s)....I was in a bit of a dilemma and losing my mind trying to find these for my daughter's sweet 16
These guys were totally awesome and bent over backwards to help........gotta great, no, got a phenomenal deal on what I needed and the amount I needed.
The guys at Ralph's are officially my freakin heroes!!!!!
Thank u Ralph's Records!!!
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Miguel Padilla
· January 15, 2016
Love this store. I've been going here since I was a wee lad, and both stores were open. Staff is always courteous and helpful. I try to make it a weekly thing for my kid and I to go to Ralphs and get... something cool from their store. See More
Melissa Guerrero Lopez
· May 28, 2017
Awesome inventory, super nice and knowledgeable staff. We will definitely come back!
Wendy Rosales
· October 15, 2014
I went recently and the staff was super nice to me and even gave me a great deal. Everything was organized and easy to see. Seriously love this place
Rick Rodriguez
· May 8, 2017
Me and my son had a blast and found exactly what we were looking for
Dana Michele Autorino
· June 19, 2015
Love this place! They always have things you can't find anywhere else at prices that can't be beat! The customer service is amazing!
Rod Parker
· March 12, 2017
Always a great place to visit and the staff is always helpful.
Johnny W Purselley
· September 28, 2015
One of the greatest selections of vinyl anywhere. Incredibly knowledgeable staff.
Shopped there when I was at Tech and now shop there with my son who is at Tech. Family tradition!
Mike Rincon
· May 15, 2016
Been a customer since the 80's. Best record shop in town, makes me miss the one's in Dallas.
Aaron Kitten
· July 11, 2016
Cool "gets" from time to time. Service varies greatly-sometimes hippie pandas give you blank stares, and sometimes you get entertainment savants who genuinely want to help. Tighten the ship Ralph.
Jeffery Spicer
· September 14, 2014
getting to know some of the guys over there, its nice to stop by and talk about music with someone. decent stock of used CD's, i like that they can special order things. have to support local independ...ents. happy to have them nearby. See More
Christy Simpson
· April 11, 2017
Super friendly staff! Always fun to dig through the records with my husband! Good prices too!
Want to buy Paul McCartney tickets? Here's a quick video to show you what your looking at here at the store this morning.
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Lubbock-Con 2018 is this weekend and we have tickets available in store!

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Sick of looking at your friends dirty blank car windows? Well clean them off 'cause our sticker order finally came in! New designs in as well as restock on some of the more popular and requested designs! Also check back for when we get our shipment of all 3 previous Ralph's logo stickers! Slap em on your car and your friends car while your at it 'cause we're tired of looking at those blank windows too!

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Friday (as in tomorrow!) Anthrax, Killswitch Engage and Havoc will be at the Pavillion!!! $40.25 for one bad a** show!!!! Available in store or online at

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New section time!! Overstock Blu-Ray titles with the hip pink stickers are on sale for $4.00 a piece or 4 for $10.00!!! We also added a new TV Season and Horror Blu Section also! To the left side of our normal Blu-Ray section. Rock.

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Little Miss Nasty will be in the store today from 5pm-6pm to meet and hang with everyone! While you’re here, buy tickets to go see them and Gina and The Eastern Block tonight @ Jakes Backroom!!! $18.50! In store is free as always!

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The greatest Rock and Roll Burlesque show on the planet Little Miss Nasty will be in Lubbock Friday Jan 19th @ Jakes!!! Buy tickets in store or on our website for $18.50! Little Miss Nasty will also be in store the same day from 5pm-6pm signing posters, hanging out and just in general being some of the coolest people as they are!! You don’t want to miss this show!

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Post Christmas Vinyl refill is here! We just put out 400+ new LP’s and 135+ great used classic rock LP’s !! Come share the love of new Vinyl after our holiday pillage.

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Check out these amazing ornaments inspired by some of the most influential artists in Post-Punk and New Wave. Get in the spirit with Little Saint Nick Cave, chill out with David Snowie and Chilly Idol!…/

Pow Pow Pow Greetings from Saint Nick! Artist Matthew Lineham has designed some wonderfully wonderfully punny Christmas ornaments featuring post-punk and avant-garde music luminaries such as Robert Smith, Ian Curtis,…

We will be open Sunday Dec 24th from 11am-6pm for all of your last minute shopping fun! We will be closed Monday Dec 25th for Christmas and back to normal after that! Merry Christmas, hanukkah, kwanzaa and or whatever you do or don’t celebrate! Remember Music is the best and huge virtual hug from all of your friends at Ralphs!

Looking to get something for the impossible to buy for?? We have gift cards!!! Any amount, no pesky expiration dates and reloadable!!! And they look neat.

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A giant, huge thank you to all of our amazing customers and friends!!!!

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Deal of the day! All overstock PS3 games are 1/2 off! Tons of them in stock!

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MASSIVE collection of anime came in! Tons to choose from! Some hard to find titles as well! Be sure to stop by and check em out!

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One of our ridiculously awesome employees started a Vlog. Go watch the life and times of the fabulous Anna!

Anna Strader

Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday yesterday! It was sweet of you guys to think of me

Also, I have recently started a vlog on youtube. I post ...weekly on there and would appreciate any support you can give. It's just starting off with 7 videos on there, so you can watch it grow! Any likes and subscribers would be very helpful!
For my family, please know there is some mild profanity.

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Black Friday may be over but our awesome sales don't have to be!
-50 cents on ALL overstock backwall DVDs!
-Overstock LPs and CDs are still only a quarter each!
-Tons of Record Store Day exclusives still available!
-$7.98 specially marked overstock New LP's

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