Hi Guys- I'm not gone- just busy working on and launching IndieTemp, LLC. If you havent already- please like my Professional business page: . I'm at a re-start point in my journey and will be back next week to share my goals for 2014 -revisited and why- phase 2 (the last 50lbs) has been so hard for me

Low Carb day # 2. So theres no such thing as "missing meals" on low carb days. Ylour stomach will tell you that you are HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!! lol Down 1.6lbs so far!


GOOD MORNING!!!! Todays day one and I have not eaten one thing off meal prep NOR have I eaten anyone's face off. Who's idea was it to start this on Payroll day? LOL How are my 2 team mates doing?

OK! the Kids go back to school next week! Perfect time for a Challenge? I'm going to Challenge myself to Carb Cycle for 1 month and see how much it breaks my "plateau" (that's what I'm calling my lack of discipline) The info will be in the comment and Ill be putting up all my status updates here. If I get 5 people to commit to doing it with me for the month- I'll do my before pic in a bathing suit with Front, Side & Back view, with weight and measurements! You only have to do front and side and you don't have to share it with anyone but me! Who's in?

Today is Day 2 of getting back to my old plan. I wish it was as easy to fall back INTO habits as it is to fall out of them! lol. Im struggling with keeping up with my water consumption- without the use of sweetners ( mio/crystallight ect) However my WIN for the day was adding an extra mile to my run/jog/walk this morning. I really enjoy going home knowing my workout for the day is behind me! I even enlisted a friend to text me when she gets up for her AM workout at extra motivation! What do you do to help you stay motivated?

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I stepped on the scale this morning. REALITY CHECK! Day 1 of 21 to retrain on old habits that were successful. First one being- my Morning fasted cardio workouts.

My workout for June!

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Working on June's Bootcamp! It will include 30 sit-ups as I'm doing the 30 sit-ups in 30 day Spartan Challenge. Ill post later today for those who want to join me!

After a rough start to 2014- my new goal is to end the year at 190lbs. ( my original goal was 180) which may have been too aggressive. Here's what says that will look like on me... Its pretty accurate on the current... excited to see what the future holds!

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I know its been a while.. so to make up for it.. HERES A HOME /PARK Workout!!! Do it..and tell me how awesome it is! I did this with a friend at the park last week- and she suggested a few adjustments to make sure you get through all 3 rounds! ENJOY! Ill be doing this two- three times a week this month.

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Welcome to March! The last month of the 1st Quarter of the year. (In corporate america we talk in Quarters LOL) Any-who- I've been really good on my workouts.. trying new things.. getting really sore.. keeping it mixed up. My DIET however.. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah about that (pause for effect). It's not that I'm going over my caloric intake as much as its me allowing more processed food into my diet and I notice the difference.. not in my body- as much as how I feel- I've lost... 10lb in two months- but I've been sluggish in the morning and cranky. My energy level dropped-and I had to force my workouts. The lesson- while yes- you can lose weight in a multitude of ways (WW/IIFYM/Paleo/CleanEating) the way that works for me is Clean Eating 80% of the time with processed foods only taking up 20% of my consumption. XOXO Welcome to March & Check In!

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NON SCALE VICTORY ALERT: I just bought two bra's for $13.99. NEVER IN MY LIFE EVER HAVE I BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT! #ross #tigolbiddies

So I've stopped being a fraidy cat and have started running outdoors in the morning when its still dark. Barking Dogs, Running into spider webs, random mosquito bites aside its very refreshing and helpful since I'm currently experiencing Gym Burnout. I've only been going for classes ( yoga/spinning & Bodypump). That's how fitness works, your body gets used to one thing and you get bored and start looking for other things to do. That's the beauty of fitness as well. There's ALWAYS something else/new to challenge you! Check In!!

Its been 7 days since my last post. Alot can happen in 7 days people. In 7 days I did Yoga, Started lifting heavy again, gained 3lbs ( of muscle-not worried) Took a class- had my ass handed to me in said class. Had a Non Scale victory of being on the last zipper on my waist belt that I use occasionally to sweat more. I took a day off and flew a kite, I bought dollar store muscle rub and lived to tell the tale I went to the Bob Marley Festival and had a blast and drank beer and ate Jerk chicken that cleared out every sinus cavity I have. I figured out how to use my voice activated photo option on my phone so I can take pics of my workouts and I ate chocolate. Every week isn't going to be perfect.. or fun.. or perfectly fun. But there's perfection and fun in every week. XOXOXO Check In!! Edited to say I also discovered Marley Hair! BOOM!

Its not just about the squat when it comes to building that booty!

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Yesterday in Yoga- THIS Happened. Crow pose. So I'm giving myself this badge even though I only held it for 5 seconds! BOOM. it counts.

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Everyone's in the LOVING mood... Lets talk about my new love- Yoga. My only challenge is to find more time to practice. Last night I started my workout with mini me but she quickly grew bored and needy. lol NOT relaxing. But I got 15 minutes of practice in and that made me happy. I also found a website where I can download practice flow charts so I can practice at home. I was using youtube.. but alot of instructors voices annoy me - this is is a great option for me.. also has videos so I can see the flow and transitions. Problem solved. Website in the link for anyone who wants it! xoxoxo Check in!

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