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Upon first glance, the photo above looks like Dorothea Lange's iconic Migrant Mother photo captured in 1936. Then you realize that the woman in the frame i
Random Thoughts updated their cover photo.
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Well checked out this "Female Soldiers Association" page - what a joke! Lol. How the hell they get 4000+ likes is beyond me. Are the people who like it just retarded?

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Melissa Mantor, who is 18 weeks pregnant and has a 3-year-old daughter, was finally feeling good enough to go the gym for the first time in a month on Monday night. After running on the treadmill for about ten minutes at her local Planet Fitness in South Carolina, an employee approached her asking h…
We’re not fans of food shaming—which, c’mon, is exactly what that could easily amount to—so we’re not sure how to feel about a United Kingdom company’s rejiggering of a vending machine to tweet every purchase. According to Fast Company, the Nottingham-based Nottinghack, which provides workspaces to…
WASHINGTON (AP) — Suicides among Army National Guard and Reserve members increased last year, even as the number of active-duty troops across the military who took their own lives dropped by more than 15 percent, according to new data.
Heather Graham is the latest actress to speak out about the problems of misogyny in Hollywood. During a discussion about being typecast in sexy roles, the Boogie Nights rollergirl and Californication MILF told Esquire that the movie business is totally sexist.
Trouble in paradise already? After wrapping season 18 of "The Bachelor" on March 10 in an explosive and controversial finale , Juan Pablo Galavis and girlfriend Nikki Ferrell are already seeking out...
It’s OK for a woman in labor to take some of the pressure off in a tub, but there’s no advantage to actually giving birth in water and...…/demi-lovato-slams-lady-gaga-for-…/…

How was that incident glamorizing eating disorders?

Demi Lovato has ripped into Lady Gaga—accusing her of “glamorizing eating disorders.”The 21-year-old was left fuming by Gaga’s recent onstage antics at SXSW, which featured Gaga’s friend Millie Brown sticking her fingers down her throat and “vomiting” a bright green liquid all over the singer.
Chris Brown will spend another month in jail after a judge said Monday he was told the singer made troubling comments in rehab about being good at using guns and knives.
Singer and band are teaming up on 'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds'