The Hardy Boys are back #swantonbomb #wrestelmania

People forget that HHH stands for Hunter Huearst Helmsley #wrestlemanina


Entrance on a car...power moves only #wrestlemania

This has gotta be the corniest and most drawn out intro of all time #wrestlemania

Dean Ambrose still Intercontinental Champion. He would make a great hardcore champion #RazorHood

Who's the blond hosting the pregame show? That's one chica bonita oozing with machismo #RazorHood

Big Show eliminating Goldust! Two legends going at it in 2016 #RazorHood

#WrestleMania is trending number one in the world. Imagine if twitter were around for this match #RazorHood

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#WrestleMania we gotta get these two dweebs out of the ring and get Razor in there #RazorHood

Razor will be live tweeting WrestleMania tonight. Follow along! #RazorHood

RIP to Mr. Fuji, a fellow member of the WWE Hall of Fame. Nothing stung worse than when he would throw salt in your eyes chico #RazorHood

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We lost another great one today. RIP Chyna, the greatest female wrestler of all time

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WrestleMania 32 in the books. I'll just say one thing. All those pussys in the ring were lucky that Razor Ramon has left the game.

WWF Superstars July 11, 1992

What a night. Roman reigns might be the ultimate bad guy. Everyone hates him. Can he be a succesfull heel

Wild last hour. The rock and Cena teaming up? The wyhatts coming back? Lot of craziness. Are you all as high as I am???

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Who ya got. I got my boy Diamond Dallas Page. Wouldn't be sober without you brother. #DDP #DiamondCutter

Shane OMac from the top of the cell. Crazy Mehn. But the Undertaker is not human. Too much evil in that Demon Mehn