I have recieved the National Rifle Association endorsement. I am very proud of this. I am a sportsman and gun owner and I believe our 2nd Ammendment right to bear arms!

SALES TAX HOLIDAY! Aug 6 thru the 8th, . I am proud to be a supporter of this law. Some of the items that can be purchased are clothing, school supplies, calculators, books, computer's costing $750 or less, and other school supplies. Take advantage of the Tax Holiday and please pray for our children, teachers, support employees, and administrators to have a successful year!


Enjoyed seeing all my friends at the Retired Senior Vol program at the coliseum Thursday night. These individuals give of their time to work at the hospital, RSVP, seniors programs, etc. God Bless Them.

Having my Dad pass away when I was a year and a half in 1957, I am so blessed with three great and wonderful children. Fathers Day has a special meaning for me because I never got to experience that day with my own father. Britney and Mellany with their families came to our home yesterday along with Bryce and that was special. Also last week I got to spend 5 days out of town with Bryce.

Just recieved message that oil has entered the back bay at Orange Beach past Perdido Pass. Have you noticed that the price of gas has gone down! If this had been anyone except BP that had caused the oil leak, our gas prices would be up! Keep praying that an end will come to this. Our beautiful beaches are in danger!

A great Memorial Day weekend. I hope we all paid tribute to our men and women who have fought and continue to fight for our freedom! How do we repay these individuals in our service? Go VOTE! God Bless America!

Busy week! Handed out grant checks in District 2. Also checked on Hwy 43 and the progress of it's four-lane. We have to continue on to meet the Tennessee Line!

High School and College Graduation is upon us. Good luck to all you graduates in whatever you decide to do in life. Remember to go after your dreams! Our son Bryce has decided to continue his football career at the University of South Alabama under Head Coach Joey Jones. We are so proud of him.

Had a wonderful weekend at state special olympics. These are a special group of individuals. Brought back over 100 medals! I was Westin, Darrin, and Larry's coach. They got medals in softball throw, 100m run, 50m walk.

I am getting more familiar with facebook. Today I handed out State Community Grants to all the county schools. I have seen statewide school systems in Alabama and we have the best teachers and support personnel anywhere. I was sad to hear about losing Jr. Perry of Rogersville. He was a good friend.

To all my friends. Britney has set me up on facebook. I am learning how to do this. I am looking forward to keeping you informed during this campaign year. I am asking for your vote and support in November, your friend, Mike