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Dale Hanson
January 1, 2013
Thanks I agree, great. Tahanks to all the supports that bought tickets from me for RRV Pheasants Foreever. Dale
Peggy Donica
April 1, 2012
Thot the winners would be post today !! What's up ??!!

Cooler Raffle 4-28-18
Congratulations!!! We will be contacting you with the prize you won and how you can receive it! Please give us a few days to contact you!
Garret Gjisesl/ Lake Bronson
Elroy Maygra/ RLFalls
Terry Ringer/Glendive, MT...
Lawrence Panek/ TRF
Sonny Driscoll/ EGF
Kathy Halsa/ TRF
Scott Sunderland
Brett Crotty/ Pembina
Barb Hoefer/ RLFals
Bill Whetham/ Berthold
Billy Schreder/ Wilton, MN
Kathy Wollin/ Hallock,MN
Cindy Johnson/ TRFalls
Sim Gram/ Northwood,ND
Theresa McCullum/ Bejou, MN
Brian Boldve/ Middle River, MN
Pam Carlson
Doug Smith
Dean McTighe/ Appleton, MN
Chad Genhoff/ Grand Forks, ND
Gene Dybing/ Shelly, MN
Mary Walsh/ RLFalls
Connie Klava/ GFoks
Bob Biblen/ Northwood, ND
Kjet Corcoran/ EGF

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100 Gun+ raffle (125 Item) 4/28/18 Eagles Club/EGF
Congratulations to all the winners!!
I want to mention that we had multiple winners, they are only listed one time. We will contact you with the item that you won, please give us a few days to contact you, it is a busy time of the year for us! Happy Spring!

Jerod Trenda/Glyden,MN...

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