Greetings, you guys - 

If you're  interested in scanning this page's content for stuff you might like, 


I've devised a system of hashtags as an attempt of an overview - the idea

is to either click the hashtag (from the comment section below) or search

for it by ways of the new search mask in the top right of the timeline. 

*scroll down to the comment section for clickable hashtags*

--- radio poltergeist's resident productions ---

#resipol (conveniently short/cute way to conjure your resident poltergeist's own dark arts.)

#caasendreherbytes (caasendreher, der (m.); [kaːzn̩ˈdʀeːɐ] germ. (loc./coll.): tape cassette recorder/player; boom box. // are those things still around? until that's found out let's just keep pretending.)

#aimlessly_haunted (to anxiously roam or to stroll leisurely about do come down to be without distinction in the air of those nether lands between the bordering realms of cosmic fear and frightful love. as the haunter turned hauntee prowls absently - think self-similarity and the on/off-quest for - something completely different. // series of longer "mixtapes".)

--- the rest of the noise ---

#mixesthatlinger (dj sets, mixtapes, podcasts etc. that we feel are worth keeping around.)

#thesearethetracks (mostly danceable, electronic, upbeat tracks to make your juices ooze.)

#timelesscaseofawesome (popular and not-so-popular pieces of music with the potential to make days in eternity.)

#recent_sightings (mostly contemporary tracks/songs that don't necessarily fit in the last two above.)

#random_residents (randomly chosen tracks from my music collection. once thought to become a regular feature.)

#spectral_sites (music related - mostly virtual - places that we find to be unique, essential or curious enough to mention.) 

#nilexnil (mostly reblogged content like news, articles and the like.)


the overview you'll see under each tag will albeit an incomplete one 

since meanwhile I haven't been as dilligent in tagging all posts.

But I'll do better in the future and also go and retag past posts peu-à-peu

to thusly save them from oblivion. 

I hope this feature is of use to you. 



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Everyone else is asleep

If I was to fall


I'd fall so deep.






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John Maus. "Hey Moon". We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves. Ribbon Music. 2011. Lyrics: i know it's been so long since we saw each other last i'...
It's out 18th May on Domino. Listen to the new single 'Shiggy' now.


1983 minimal electro synth dark wave music & images are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners Music By -- Shoc Corridor

"aber Herr Wohlfahrt, da ist kein Loch! - Doch!"

Rainald Grebe - Gilead aus dem Album "Das Rainald Grebe Konzert"


Experimental video diary from the Raymond Byron (Castanets), PRISM index and Ohioan west coast tour over the summer of 2010. Video shot & edited by Jeffrey B...

#thesearethetracks – völlig strunze trance nummer, schön posh in the gosch' gescissored. wenn man mal nicht weiß, welche als nächstes laufen soll.

Buy it here now: Played and supported by: Magda / Richie Hawtin / Erol Alkan / Amine Edge / Tim Paris / Jus...

#thesearethetracks – completely mental tripper, utter groove

Listen to radio poltergeist – 2018-02-24 – drawing lines and silent smiles by Poltergeist FM on | Tech-House

"da hat man damals lauter gedreht, wenn das mal im radio lief." (klaus the housecat) #timelesscaseofawesome

schon gehört ? einzigst auf einem hot tracks sampler erschienen. ultra rar !
I DO NOT own this song, ALL RIGHTS go to Virgin Records, Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman. Lyrics:- It's all or nothing And nothing's all I ever get Ev'ry time I t...