Richard Osman updated their cover photo.
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“Back in studio for 50 new episodes of ‘House Of Games’. Just been shown one of the new ‘prizes’”
“I am calling a press conference for tomorrow morning to outline the reasons why I believe these are better than Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. This news is embargoed until 11am tomorrow.”
“Thank you to @LouSanders for drawing my attention to this Instagram account. Can you pick up on the subtle clues that it might not actually be mine?”
“One of these albums is not like the other ones...”
“@olly_richards Just had to check that wasn’t against me. This was my finest moment ever...”
“My favourite TV show of all time is ‘Superstars’. Just listening to the theme music transports me back to such childhood happiness.
“Also, maddest frame of snooker ever on Eurosport right now”
“@phlaimeaux Hope you made it out.”
“@phlaimeaux Pleasure! Glad to see your youngest enjoyed it.”
“@phlaimeaux Thanks man, and you.”
“@phlaimeaux Live shots of David O’Doherty”
“So proud they’ve put up a life-size sculpture of me at my old college.”
“An early morning walk in Cambridge is so beautiful. Views around every corner.”
“I just mixed up the Sky Bet and Dominos apps, and now I need Pepperoni Passion to score first against Stoke tomorrow.”
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February 16
“So far this game of ‘Words With Friends’ is like the brainstorm for a ‘Seven Dwarves’ reboot.”
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February 13
“Some random on the Durham train is secretly trying to take photos of me @ScarlettMoffatt”
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February 9
“On a brand-new on BBC2 QI at 10, with these lovely people...”