RNRG is having a block party on June 15th from noon until the party ends!!! We will have music, food, raffles, fire engines, t-shirts and many more fun activities. The block party will be at 37th and Sherman St. Come out and have fun with your neighbors. It will be a blast!!!

On April 4th the City Council put forth parking amendments to the zoning code. Due to the fear of litigation and Dennis Sackhoff's lawyer threatening them in public City Council chose to not pass them urgently. Sadly big money won again even with the passionate testimony from the East side communities. On April 9th Mr. Sackhoff will be able to reapply for his permit.
The RNA meeting where Mr. Sackhoff or his representative will re-present the project will be held on April 8th at 7pm in the Waverly Church at 33rd and SE Woodward. Please attend and voice you opinion about this project.
Many thanks for all the hard work that people put into making our community a great one!

Richmond Neighbors for Responsible Growth

Hey RNRG-On April 4th, 2013 at 2:00 pm City Council will be holding a hearing in City Council Chambers, 1221 SW 4th Avenue. It will be regarding the parking ame...ndments. Public testimony is welcome. Please come and urge City Council to make these amendments effective NOW!!
You can also mail written testimony to the Council Clerk at 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 140, Portland, OR 97204, or FAX comments to 503-823-4571. Emailed testimony can be sent to

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Hey RNRG-On April 4th, 2013 at 2:00 pm City Council will be holding a hearing in City Council Chambers, 1221 SW 4th Avenue. It will be regarding the parking amendments. Public testimony is welcome. Please come and urge City Council to make these amendments effective NOW!!
You can also mail written testimony to the Council Clerk at 1221 SW 4th Avenue, Room 140, Portland, OR 97204, or FAX comments to 503-823-4571. Emailed testimony can be sent to


THURSDAY, MARCH 21, 2013 – The mayor has instructed the director of the Portland Bureau of Development Services to suspend further review of the permit revision for an apartment project at 37th and Division.
“The city strives for fairness and doesn’t always get it on the first shot,” Mayor Charlie Hales said Thursday. “That’s why I’m taking this action.”
The city issued a stop-work order on Feb. 25. Hales has pushed the Planning Commission to expedite a recommen...dation to the City Council regarding on-site parking for new, multi-family
developments. The council will hear the commission’s policy recommendations at the Thursday, April 4, Portland City Council meeting.
Construction on the 37th and Division development has not resumed, and won’t be allowed until a new permit is approved. The developer can apply for a new permit no earlier than April 11.
Several neighbors in the vicinity had complained that they did not have an opportunity to speak out on a revised permit.“The city did a disservice by not providing clear answers to the neighbors over the last month,” Hales said. “The neighbors acted in good faith.”

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Today the city and Dennis Sackhoff changed the game and invented new rules for permiting buildings. Although there has been no legal opinion written or verbally explained to the community Mr. Sackhoff will now be able to get a fast tracked revised permit on the old permit that was reversed. This tortured piece of logical suspends belief. Please write city council and BDS demanding to know how this has happened. THERE MUST BE SOME TRANSPARENCY TO THIS PROCESS!! WHY IS THE CITY CHANGES THE RULES IN THE 10th HOUR.

Hi To All-Please check out our new petition at…/urge-city-council-to-act-now-pass-pro…/
We encourage all to sign and comment.

This is petition for Urge City Council to Act Now – Pass proposed zoning code amendments!. Join the movement! Sign now!

After much testimony on Tuesday, March 12th the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability voted to forward the minimum parking requirements to Portland City Council. This is significant as it now places these amendments in zoning code onto City Council. We are hopeful that a hearing regarding these amendments to the zoning code will happen soon as it will help with the recent onslaught of large apartments without parking in the Richmond Neighborhood. These amendments are not seen as a long term solution but merely as a stop gap that then can be used to look for better and more precise changes to zoning and design permitting. The full amendments can be found at

There has been a landmark decision in the fight against BDS rubber-stamping uncharacteristically over-sized development. LUBA saw that the development at 37th & SE Division neglected to follow appropriate design & access codes instituted to keep Portland from turning into endless strip malls... Designed to keep Portland neighborhoods "human-scale."

Hopefully the re-designed building will be modified to better fit into the scale of the neighborhood. A dream scenario is a redu...ction to 3 stories, down from a behemoth 4. Worst case, Developer Sackoff will have to file a variance to the zoning code which will finally grant a public hearing. People, at very least, will get to voice their displeasure with the oversized, dormitory-style building designed to tower over a single-family neighborhood and stretch the code to it's grossest extreme.

Update: Mayor Hales issued a stop work order due to a groundswell of emails and calls urging the illegal, permit-less construction to cease.

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Earlier today, the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) issued an order nullifying the City's approval of Dennis Sackhoff's permit to build the 37th and SE Division Street Apartments. After months of uncertainty, we now have a legal ruling that the permit is invalid. And LUBA did not simply remand the permit for the City to summarily reissue; it reversed the existing City approval, such that Dennis Sackhoff may not lawfully continue to build until they apply for and obtain a ne...w permit.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our lawyer, Ty Wyman of Dunn Carney, who won this appeal over the vigorous and well-funded objections of the developer.

And we should congratulate ourselves – as Ty explained to RNRG members, developers like Dennis Sackhoff depend on neighborhoods simply giving up – and we didn’t! We committed ourselves, our time, our families and our financial resources to fight unrestricted, unplanned growth, and we won – so congrats and thanks to all.

But the fight has just begun, and we all need to act now to make sure this win matters.

The developer will be back at City Hall, probably tomorrow, with an application for a new permit. Before the building department gives this developer another rubber stamp we need to urge our City Commissioners to take this opportunity to put a stop to unfettered/unmitigated growth, and give neighborhoods a real voice in this process!!

Please contact the Mayor and City Commissioners!!!

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HEY RNRG-While many attempts for negotiations with Dennis Sackhoff have have been attempted in vain we are not dissuaded. OUR LUBA HEARING is set for January 24th, 2013. This is the legal culmination of many hours of work, fundraising and community action. We continue to press for logical and sustainable development in the Richmond Community. Many thanks to all!!!

Dear RNRG-

Today our LUBA brief was submitted. This represents many hours of long hard work and dedication from many individuals towards having a developer be more responsive to the concerns of the Richmond community. However, this LUBA brief represents much more than just Richmond. It represents a collective concern for many inner East side neighborhoods. While we all can agree that change will come and development should and must occur it needs to be with forethought, planning and with respect to the people who live in this communities. RNRG continues to advocate for just those very sentiments along the Division Street Corridor and in collaboration with other groups/communities in Portland.

RNRG is in the midst of their next and hopefully last fundraising event. Please consider a donation in the holiday season to help your community. We would not be hear without your support. All proceeds go towards our legal defense. Check out to donate easily to our group. Many thanks and happy holidays.

RNRG is a fully volunteer run group. We keep our expenses to a minimum, but we still need financial support , specifically for legal and communications support. Our projected expenses are around...

Hey RNRG-Did you hear? The Oregon Land Use Board of Appeals threw out Dennis Sackhoff's Motion to Dismiss our Appeal. We will get our day to argue our case. Many thanks to all the individuals, neighbors and people who have contributed and worked hard to make this happen

Validation! Now... To use this information, somehow...

A much-anticipated city study of new apartment buildings without on-site parking confirms complaints from Portland homeowners: Residents in these buildings own cars, and keep them parked in fron

Also read the horrible misrepresentation of the BPS study data by the Oregonian and take time to comment on it. Here is the link for that…/study_acknowledges_increase_in.…

Please check out the new Apartments and Parking Study done by BPS. It is a provocative look at how these developments will be effecting our neighborhoods. The link is

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