Aug 2, 2013 7:44pm

Ride or Die Lifestyle In N.Y.C!!!
God Bless America🗽

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I'm sure a lot of y'all can relate!! Be sure to like this page if you haven't already thanks.

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Together as one!!! Ride or Die 💯

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Keep that Negativity Far Away from yo Life Y'all!!! People that are miserable in there everyday lives because of bad choices that they've made want to drain you with there problems so you can sink right along side them but I ain't goin... #PositiveVibesOnly

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Treat others as you'd like to be treated and enjoy this Ride of Life together with your Riders!!! One thing you don't do is Bullshit someone because always keeping it Real doesn't mean you have to be Disrespectful!!! #Love #Honor #Respect #Loyalty #Honesty

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Happy Birthday to one of the Greatest that ever did it Tupac Shakur!!! All Eyez On Me In Theaters today and will be sold out everywhere!!! Like the page and Share this post if you Love 2pac!!! #HisLegacyLivesOn #ThugLife #2pac #RestInPeace

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If you Agree with this Post make sure to Like the page and get all the lastest updates from Ride or Die Lifestyle 👍 #AlCapone #HeAboutThatLife

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From Friends to Family to Lookers to Likers Who can you TRUST ??? All I can say is only Time reveals a persons True Character!!! If you don't support Ride or Die Lifestyle on Facebook please don't straddle the fence and be asking me for shirts when I see you and telling me how much you like them save it for someone that doesn't know any better...For those of you that do show Love & Support I'd like to say Thank you for the Support and Positive Vibes that you've given through it all!!! Everyone else make sure to like the page if you haven't already.. Gratitude, Stay Blessed!!!

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For those of you who like to talk a lot sometimes we should just try sharing the conversation and Listen and maybe Learn something its not all about you. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer!!!! #MobLife

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Ride or Die Lifestyle Apparel & Merchandise!!! Different #StreetWear Coming to a Hood Near You!!!

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You don't even need to see people now a days in person to see how FAKE they really are thanks to Facebook.. Be very very careful of your surroundings and who you Trust cuz they'll tell you one thing but show you another from Friends to Family to Foes anyone can turn there back on you and let you go!!!!! #BeRealOrBeGone #OneHunnit

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Two different Sides for Two different Rides depending on what time it is!!!!! I love me a Woman with sum Nice Kicks, Bandana & Red Lips But than again I love me a Woman with a pair of Nice Red Bottom Heels, Hair Did with a Nice Dressy Outfit!!!!! #TwoSidesForTwoRides

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Marilyn Monroe & 2 Pac Would've Made A Bad Ass Couple.. Like This Post If You Agree!!!!! #MarilynMonroe #TupacShakur #RestInPeace #LegendsLiveForEver

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If you want something in life don't ever let anyone or anything stand in your way!!!!! It's your life so OWN IT, And make sure to make the most of every MOMENT!!!!! #BeastMode

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