So much metal

Our remix for the contest. Majority of the credit for the work goes to Rigor.

Here is the album thus far!

Work In Progress

Can't make a decision on the winners of the contest -__- Some sick stuff we are hearing!

And it OFFICIALLY beings today >:)

Two winners will receive their winning remix featured on the album, 30% royalties gained from sales of their remix and a chance to collaborate with Rigor Et Algor Mortis.

Want to be on our upcoming album? Then check out our new remix contest!

Post your remixes for Infernum Mittat and Amissio Imperium here! Contest is open June 17th through July 17th!

So, good things are always happening. For us, we were asked and now have the opportunity to write and OST for a zombie video game by Carnage Studios. In early development, Carnage Studios gave us the rundown of the project and we must say, it seems pretty freakin legit. So check them out for they're always posting production photos!

Video Game
Carnage Studios

Ah, here's something going really heavy for you all.

Track #4

Officially tasked with working on the OST of the Video Game by Carnage Studios titled "Cause and Effect". BE ready for some chilling and suspenseful work >:)

Rigor Et Algor Mortis updated their cover photo.
May 4, 2013
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So, we've begun work on our second EP. Here is the frist track of the EP! Just to tease you a tad on the eerieness

We Have begun to make a new EP now that we've officially made it onto Pandora. This is the first track!

Aww yeeaa! Got accepted to Pandora Radio!

Have a new track in the works, gunna be really filthy!

Available now!

Be sure to get your copy of the first Bl@ck Tie Records compilation album. Featuring Sp33fy M@n, Zane, DeeJayLightsOff, and many more!

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Aight, so aside from our awesome EP release we have a new little progressive tune for ya! Coming out on Bl@ck Tie Records Compilation album, hope you dig it!

Our track for the upcoming Bl@ck Tie Compilation album.

Finally out!

Out first EP is available to purchase on virtually any online store, here's just a link to get you started

Please purchase our EP!

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Dunno why the demo player isn't popping up, but we worked on this remix along side Fastball. Hope ya dig it!

Getting released by Bl@ck Tie Records January 2nd!


Viral video to promote the upcoming EP by Rigor Et Algor Mortis. (c)2012 Bl@ck Tie Records