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March 4

Visit the page below to discover the damage the Trump administration is planning to do to the environment.

'Environmental demonstration and march in East Chicago protesting hazardous waste and administration attacks on EPA'
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I just bought THE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND by Lesley Hayes @hayes_lesley. She’s a great writer. . This is the fifth book of hers I will have read and reviewed.

Charismatic and deeply troubled Alex experiences a mid-life metamorphosis with a shattering shrapnel effect. Kat’s world was changed forever by their first meeting, and twenty years later she is still making sense of the changes their relationship has brought about. What lies at the core o...
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March 3

Here's an interesting and supportive page I just found. Why not check it out if you're interested?

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The Happy Wives and Girlfriends Club
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I just bought and downloaded 'Angel's Harp' by Philip Newey. I'll read and review it as soon as possible.

"The bonds in molecules vibrate too, making endless symphonies. Each molecule is a little angel's harp." Thus writes the young Alan to Beth. Beth whom he has never met, but who lived in the house next door fifteen years earlier. Alan and Melanie growing up in an Australian suburb in the...

Amy and I are flying to Prague tomorrow afternoon for an intense two days of pure enjoyment, returning late Friday evening. Thanks again to our great friend Claire for this fantastic Christmas present. I'll be offline from Wednesday midday until Saturday morning, when I'll do my best to catch up with whatever has been 'occurrin'.' All right? Crackin'!

I've just passed the half-way mark in Book 7 of my 'Myrddin's Heir' series. The plot continues to thicken, and the second half will be a challenge; but that feels like a milestone!

If like me you are an indie author, and you are thinking about availing yourself of a copyrighting service, be VERY careful that you know what you are actually committing yourself to. At least one company out there - - uses business practices that in my view are misleading and bordering on the devious. I've just told the story on my website - is the best service for copyright and intellectual property protection in the UK. Register your copyright and get legal proof of copyright in real time. Get information on copyright protection.

Three months ago, I made two momentous decisions about my
'Myrddin's Heir' series. I decided to take on board the criticisms offered by a minority of reviewers that (a) the first 30 chapters of Book 1 delayed the onset of the story proper and (b) Going back in time at the beginning of Book 5 to the point where Book 3 ended (in order to develop other parts of the story not dealt with in Book 4) caused some confusion for some readers.
I have now taken 28 of those first 30 chap...ters out of Book 1 and relocated them on my website ( under the heading "Gordon Bennett: the Early Years." This necessitated the relocation of lots of chapters from the beginning of subsequent books in the series to the end of the one before! That plus the re-ordering of chapters so that they now appear in chronological order throughout has meant a pretty thorough shake-up in the way the story is presented in Books 1-5.
The chapters themselves have not altered, merely the sequencing of them in each book. I have just finished uploading the new electronic and paperback versions, and have posted the 'Early Years' chapters extracted from the first version of Book 1 on my website.
I sincerely hope these adjustments will meet with the approval of future readers, and won't cause any confusion for anyone currently working their way through the series!

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I read and review quite a lot of books, and thought it might be helpful to the many fellow-author friends I’ve made along the way

Thank you everyone for your happy birthday wishes. Amy and I have had a terrific week in Tenerife celebrating our 22nd wedding anniversary and my 75th birthday. Heat brutal. Highlights: Teide By Night, Loro Parque Zoo and the Masca Gorge Trek (the hardest 8 kilometres we have ever 'walked'). These are world-class activities, Peeps. Look them up on the net! Who knew Tenerife was such an interesting place? Maybe everyone except us! PHENOMENAL!! xx (photos to follow - thousands taken).😀😎😎😎

The 'Buzz-AH! at 15' show is TONIGHT at Theatr Clwyd, 7.30 - 9.15 pm. Tickets still available at the door (£10 full, £8 concessions). Come along if you can and support this worthy charity in celebrating difference!

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Apologies to anyone I've asked to post reviews for Book 1 in my series on Inkitt. I've since been online, discovered what others have to say about Inkitt and the way it operates and have since removed my book. I should have known ...

After 1,500 years,, Myrddin (Merlin) needs an heir. A child is born in Chester with powers that are off the normal witch-and-wizard scale. A story for bright children from 10 - 110 years ...

If you are in the Cheshire /Chester / North Wales area, PLEASE get tickets now for Buzz-AH!'s annual show at Theatr Clwyd on Tues/Wed 4/5th July. This Mold-based performance Arts group for people with and without special needs is a very worthwhile charity giving people who would normally never get the chance an opportunity to showcase what they truly love doing - singing, dancing and performing for others.
Come and help us "celebrate difference" with some of the many whose l...ives have been circumscribed by their special needs. I personally guarantee you a heartwarming and joyful experience. Visit to find out more about Buzz-AH! Just click this link… and book your tickets now! We are hoping to sell out both nights, but to do that, we need supportive people like you to buy tickets!

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One or two of my reviewers have experienced difficulty finding the appropriate ratings and review page on Inkitt. If you drop me a brief email - - I can send you precise instructions + a copy of the review you posted on Amazon. It really will then take you less than a minute to post your ratings & review on that site. Many thanks. Every review posted will help raise the profile of my series. xx

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I got warned off Inkitt by fellow writers, and have deleted my book from their site. I let myself get taken in by their pitch before I discovered they'd made the same pitch to every Indie writer their bots could find on the net! I should have known better.

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There’s now a post on my website about formatting your own book interiors I hope you find it useful.

The advantages of being able to format your own book interiors are obvious: it costs you nothing, you are in total control, and you can make changes whenever you need to with the minimum of time an…