Sale ends tomorrow! Valentine's 5% off everything or 10% off Lake City pulled components! SS109, M80, 5.56 cases! 50 cal and 55 FMJ. -

10% off 55 grain FMJ!  Just put them in your shopping cart and the discount will automatically apply!   Also, as far as shipping goes, we are now working on orders that came in over the weekend so hopefully we will be shipping the same day as orders are placed again soon.

Yesterday we watched and felt the pain of another senseless tragedy involving our nation's youth. Today we kneel with Florida and the rest of the nation, in prayer. We pray for the families of all who have been directly affected. We pray for those all over our great nation, whose hearts have been burdened by this disaster. We pray that local, state, and national elected leaders may act in wisdom and kindness, as we search for the way to stem violence in our homes, in our schools, and in society.
Please join the RMR Bullets family as we reach out to our loved ones and hold them closer. Let us put aside selfishness and judgement as we extend our love to those in need. Let's not leave it to others to make a difference; our charitable action today may stem the violence of tomorrow.

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Peter Turner
· January 7, 2018
I am sure I have bought over 20,000 of their 9mm 115 FMJ-RN and 124 gr FN Match bullets, all made in USA. I have shot well over 10,000 of them. I think their quality is excellent from a visual appear...ance and finish perceptive. Measured weight range is within 1 gr. And the measured velocity of my reloads is always in a narrow range indicating high quality finish and dimensional tolerances. Their customer service and response to inquiries is as good as I have ever experienced. And you probably already know they are a good price. With their performance and customer service this equates to an excellent value. I highly recommend you try their bullets. You will be back. See More
Kane Degerstedt
· January 5, 2018
So I made my first purchase from Rocky Mountain Re-Loading and I was on the phone with their customer service representative who is very helpful and I bought 500 of their 147 grainhard-core match bull...ets and they sent me a sample of their 124 grain MHI bullets both bullets shoot very accurately. I couldn't be happier with my experience with Rocky Mountain reloading, and now I will never go anywhere else for my bullet needs See More
Paul Parris
· October 23, 2017
My pistols love these fmj bullets. I loaded 1000 and the consistence of the depth and smoothness of pressing into the cases was really good . I weighed and mic'd several bullets and all were dead nu...ts accurate . Shot 500 and was well pleased with the consistent groupings. I gave a good friend that deals in guns and ammo a 100 hundred and he was impressed also . Price, quality, shipping and costumer service is awesome. From now its RMR for me.
I'm looking forward to the next thousand that i order .
See More
Andy Plus Noy
· January 21, 2018
What a wonderful company to work with. So I ordered some 9mm bullets a few weeks ago and it stated on the website that they were trying to catch up with holiday sales and that they were running a few ...days behind on shipping. It also stated that if you were in a rush to email them and let them know you need your order expedited and they would try to ship out faster. So that’s what I did, and just like promised the order was shipped the next day. That was the first thing that really impressed me about this company. So after the order was shipped, USPS had a issue finding my address being that I just built a new house and they can’t seem to find my new house. So USPS being what USPS is they sent the package back to sender even though the lady I talked to at the post office said that they could not find anything wrong with my address that was on the label and she had no idea why it got sent back. So after all this B/S I called RMR and talked to them about what happened. They noticed that I had the order expedited the first time round and asked me about the urgency of my delivery. I stated I was trying to get it by the weekend. So they without hesitation told me that they will send out another order before receiving the one that was being sent back. I received my order still in time for the weekend. Words cannot explainable happy I am with the customer service and quality of their products. It’s nice to see a company that really takes customer service as a number 1 priority. Hopefully everyone reads my review and should know when working with the guys at RMR your always a priority and that they really do value their customers. I know from now on I’ll will not be shopping around for my reloading supplies, it will be a automatic buy at RMR. Thank you so much and I am excited to further purchases in the future. God bless. See More
Roy Plymate
· October 10, 2017
I have ordered twice from this company and am getting ready to place a larger 3rd order. Shipping is fast. Customer service is excellent. I almost always get 2 or 3 extra bullets per 500. I really lik...e the little notes and drawings that come with your order. Makes it feel personal, which is a good thing. Keep up the good work guys and gals and I will keep ordering from you. See More
Amber Brinegar
· October 24, 2017
Love this company. They go above and beyond for their customers. I ordered some bullets for my boyfriend for our anniversary and requested a bullet character like they usually include to include somet...hing along the lines of "Happy Anniversary-Amber" and they blew it out of the water and the boyfriend loved it. We will forever be customers of RMR. See More
Wes Edens
· November 25, 2017
Ordered 500 9mm 115g to give them a go. Arrived quickly and quality appeared to be top notch. Loaded up 300 or so and ran them through a new M&P 2.0 with no issues. Next order will be 1,000! Like ...the fact they are also made in the USA. Great bullets and great price!. See More
Frank Falck
· August 30, 2017
Had a slight mix up in my order on my side, called and talked to Joe and he was on the ball. Order had already been processed and shipped and where on my doorstep when I got home. Quality products , w...ell informed and helpful employees with fast shipping , take my money. See More
Austin Page
· September 15, 2017
Ordered late Monday night and got my test size shipment of 250 55 gr fmj's 9 am Friday, simple google search brought me to the web page. This is the only place I'm buying pistol and 55gr bullets. Pric...e is awesome, quality seems to be on point, and they got here fast enough for my needs. If all those things stay consistent I foresee us having a long friendship. See More
Ryan P Murphy
· December 26, 2017
RMR is an excellent company to deal with. Very nice products at really good prices, fast shipping. I've even gotten art work from Amie Durnbaugh which totally makes your day.
We didn't like sending out dirty pulled bullets so to offer a better and prettier product we purchased this "tumbler" from harbor freight. It works like a charm. If you order any pulled bullets from us they will be much prettier from here on out.
Here I am showing my packaging skills.
Check out what we're doing right now... We're polishing 9mm / .357 Sig Gold Dot bullets!