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Collin De Bruin
· February 13, 2017
Scott has a passion for mounting whitetails! He mounts your deer like it was is own. He puts alot of time and effort into making your deer look realistic and amazing. Thanks for all the hard work Scot...t. I'll definitely be back if i get another big one! See More
Jordan Vander Molen
· December 7, 2016
If you want your mount to look the best it has to be done by the best. Scott is the best.
Jeff Dillon
· December 13, 2016
The Dillon family is very proud to be customers of Rolffs Taxidermy! With having 15 deer mounted by Scott since the yr 2000, we appreciate the quality of work and the amazing detail Scott puts in! Loo...king forward to many yrs to come! See More
Jeremy Hunolt
· December 8, 2016
Scott does amazing work. He is truly a protectionist. His attention to detail is unsurpassed. He is one of the best around. An. Great guy to work with.
On a different note I checked my trail cameras the day before 1st gun season and had this nice sequence of pics of a up and comer. I sent three pictures to Cuddeback and photo of the week and I will receive a new camera. I will put it to good use👍🏻 This is my second time my pics have won this contest.

Today’s project was this 1/2 life size Barbary Sheep also known as a Aoudad. They were introduced to southern Texas years ago and are a free ranging exotic species. After many skin tests and form alterations today was the day. Six hours of sewing and my fingers hurt but he’s done.
My personal deer and Adam Carlson’s deer. Plus a wall pic.


Today ten PC students came to the shop for winter break. This instead of lecturing about Taxidermy and having them all start yawning after a few minutes we had a contest.
I explained the process for modeling eye sets and what is desired. After showing them they got into teams and the students tried their luck on the process. We had some good laughs on there work and let say they need to up there game🤣🤣
Thanks Nate Van Wyk and Doug Van Wyk for bringing them

Merry Christmas everyone and thanks for another great year!
The house is bustling and times are good.

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This year I’ll be closed December 23-25. Many years I have to skin deer on Christmas but with the grandkids coming home time will be spent with them. Thanks for understanding. Business will resume December 26

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Pella High Senior Alexis Hewitt shot this awesome buck 12-10-17. Congrats on the buck and thanks for the business Alexis.

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The weather is going to be warmer then we like for opening shotgun season. If you shoot a wall hanger the deer needs attention so the cape doesn’t go bad. Procrastination with deer and warm weather don’t mix.
Share this with your friends and groups.
No one wants to hear “Your cape is bad now what do you want to do”

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11-11-2017 10:20 am

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The women are making it happen this year 🙂 Alicia Routier in her second year of bowhunting takes this big necked beauty. Last she took a doe that I fixed up for her and posted it here. Matt she’s making you look bad😂
TIp and Announcement
Please use extra care and caution when caping a deer as not to get rocks, gravel, cinder chips,etc. of any kind on the skin side of the cape. Put a tarp ,cardboard on the ground to keep the sticky skin from picking this debris up. ...All the rocks have to be removed before fleshing as to not cause damage to the fleshing blade or more importantly your cape.
Time is money and at times in short supply.
If one is missed it can cause a nick on the blade and make a hole you can see to China.
Rolffs Taxidermy will not responsible for damage to capes from rocks.
This week could be a challenge I’ll be hunting all week so leave a voice message or text. I’ll answer them at dark. Good luck to all my past, present, and future customers and have fun.

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The season is here🦌 this is what we’ve been waiting for. So periodically I’ll be posting photos of customers deer. I can’t post each one as that would be to much information 🤣
Janell Weinberg shot this short haired beauty October 15. Thanks for the business it means a lot.

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Facebook keeps telling me that I need to schedule my business hours. The way it's been for the last 26 years is. Call or text and preferably not by messenger. Thanks

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This year any youth hunter that brings in their trophy deer will receive a 50$ discount off full price. This offer is only valid for youth season September 16 - October 1. Good luck and have fun.

Rolffs Taxidermy updated their profile picture.
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This deer came in and his nose was busted open. The hunter said the buck took a nose dive on the frozen ground after getting shot. I've fixed these before but never this bad. After the deer was ready to be finished some colored epoxy putty was used to fix the split. Then I finish the nose as usual.
Time for another wall picture.

This is the first deer that when I mounted it I wore safety glasses.
It should be clear why I did🙂 The barb wire was very sharp and I was poked many times. I'm glad this one is out the door and headed to Minnesota so I don't get poked anymore.
The deer was dead on his feet with the wire wrapped around his neck. The mercy kill did this deer a favor from dying a slow painful death. The cape was unusable so a replacement cape was used.

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