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Michael Harrison
· October 9, 2017
Saw blade runner in theater 3 yesterday. Love the new power reclining seats. The speakers totally suck in that theater. One kept coming off and on and then would rattle and crack like crazy nearly cau...sing me to leave and ask for my money back. So frustrating!!!

Watched American made in another theater near the concession stand last Wednesday, again loved the new seats but the teasers before the previews had a rolling horizontal line through the entire screen.

The prices for concessions and admission are great but the few problems are probably gonna make me head to new hartford.
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Michael Maton
· December 17, 2017
Seats are very small unless you're in the recliners which are limited. The screen seemed off center and I had to turn sideways in my chair to see it so I was in pain by the end of the movie.
Daniel Schmitt
· January 20, 2018
All the staff I encounter are professional, recliner seats are nice, never had issues with movie projection or sound. Bathroom needs some serious attention, seems like they try to keep it clean but co...uld benefit from a restoration. See More
Elizabeth Ann Gage Scholl
· October 4, 2017
it was quiet at 7 pm on a Tuesday night ended up with the theater to ourselves and got to finally experience the new seating they put in which was awesome. The staff was extremely nice and helpful a...nd was able to provide me times for another movie i was interested in. Would definitely recommend this theater to others. See More
Shannon Hummel
· March 10, 2018
Love it here they making moves to improve seating with the recliners with what space they have I always enjoy my time
Janet Christenson-Hall
· February 11, 2018
Staff was very friendly and helpful. Liked the combo snacks and the recliner seats!! Will make many more trips out there. Thanks for an enjoyable night.
Carrie Collins
· September 11, 2017
It was not horrible!! It was clean and the staff was very friendly. Downside is the theater is very small and they allowed a woman to bring in a baby, which cried and whined the whole time!! I don't why someone would bring a baby in there or why on earth they would allow them to!! It surely was not the greatest experience!! See More
Chris Soergel
· October 9, 2017
Seats were very comfortable great price and good quality movie only complaint is the theater was hot as hell could have used a little a.c in there but other than that awesome experience
Catherine McKeon Muller
· September 3, 2017
Love this theatre 🎭 We took the whole family to see "Leap" for the 11:55 am showing and it was $5 bucks a person before noon! $25 bucks for a family of 5 is amazing!! Movie for 5 , popcorn and drink c...ombo for 3 kids, a large popcorn(w/1free refill), a large drink, and a small popcorn coat around 50 bucks! It's 50 bucks just for tickets at the marquee...I love the reclined seating in some of the theatres although they were not in the leap theatre...We don't mind the drive bc it's cheaper and I've never had a problem w/the staff See More
Jennifer A Coriale
· November 7, 2017
Not the 1st time there’s gum in our popcorn....Gum. Someone chewed up their gum and somehow it made its way into the bag.
Laura Evola
· June 8, 2017
We went to see Wonder Woman yesterday.The lightning for the movie was too dark so you couldn't see much of any dark night scenes. And then the issue of it being out of focus. I did go out in beginning... of movie and let them know.The gentleman I told said he'd check it out. We did notice that someone may had been trying to fix it but then gave up it seems. Normally I never leave a negative review but when the movie was over and I mentioned it to the two workers they treated me like I was bothering them,told me the movie had run just fine and then they turned their backs to me and continued with their conversation. I think it's very important to have good people skills when in business.These two employees just cost you our business from now on we will goto Oneida. See More
Scott J Keane
· July 21, 2017
Went to see Spider-Man, was pleasantly surprised with the price and reclining chairs. Picture was good, sound was good. No stadium seating but there still was not a single bad seat. Concessions wer...e good, very prompt a filling popcorn tub with no grief. Only knock is the whole place looks dated, but no matter, I'll be back. See More
Kimmie Barrett
· February 20, 2018
Two admissions, two small bags of popcorn, reclining seats... $15!!! Best deal in town!
Joe Mooney
· December 15, 2017
Watched Star Wars the Last Jedi. Theater was crowded but very clean and everything started on time. The staff is very efficient.
Sara Evans Wilburn
· October 22, 2017
Always an enjoyable experience. Jason is always a pleasures to deal with and is an exceptional manager. Keep up the good work!
Kevin Perrone
· February 25, 2018
Saw the black panther tonight. Great movie, great time, great service.
Rob Hanright Jr
· July 8, 2017
Went to watch Wonder Woman 3-d on release day and spider man homecoming, also in 3-d last night. I always attend this theatre because I've always had great experiences here. When I watched Wonder Woma...n, the 3-d seemed to be not right. I then watched spider man in the same theatre with the same problem. I have watched several 3-d movies here before without issue. I'm wondering if maybe the camera is messed up in that one theatre. Other than this, everything was good. See More
Kitty Overlord
· June 9, 2017
Absolutely horrible service, went to see Wonder Woman and the movie was out of focus through the whole showing, the contrast was messed up and no one wanted to do anything about it. The people at the ...counter were very rude when we bought tickets and then after the movie when people issued complaints about the quality. They treated the customers like they were stupid and OBVIOUSLY had something waaay more important to do than working, though what that is I don't know beyond looking at something on a cell phone. I wish I could leave no stars and I will not be back. See More
Michelle Burdick Colwell
· December 5, 2017
I love it here, seats are amazing !! $1 popcorn on mondays ❤️
Charee Dunkentell
· June 5, 2017
My husband and I really enjoyed our movie here. The seats were so comfortable and spaced out - I liked not having someone directly over my shoulder. Pricing was really good. Enough so that we plan... on making it our regular theater even though we're closer to Marquee geographically. The screen/presentation was not very crisp and I could hear the entire theater chewing their popcorn over the movie (audio wasn't the best), but those are a fair enough trade for recliners and low cost. Overall, still quite pleasing. See More
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