Saint Michael tattooed today by Raphael Barros @bigraphtattoos! Don't forget to give Raph's new Instagram handle a follow. #rt9tattoo #inked #inkedmag #inkmaster #ink #tattoo #tattoos #tattooartist #tattoorevuemag #tattoosleeve #saintmichaeltattoo #blackandgreytattoo #framingham #bostontattoo #bostonink #besttattoos
@raphaelbarrostattoo ・・・ It was a Long session on this bad ass tattoo I️ did yesterday on @mikerencricca #tattoos #tattoo #ink #inked #inkedmag #inkmaster #inkaddict #tattooartist #blackandgreytattoo #bng #thebesttattooartists #oneofakind#tatuagem #tamojunto #art#tattoosleeve #guyswithtattoos #lion #ornamentaltattoo #raphaelbarrostattoo #bigraphtattoos #sullen #inkedmagazine #fusionink #electrumstencilprimer #route9tattoo #hustlehard #cantstopwontstop #blessed #vamoquevamo @spikeinkmaster @inkedangelzmagazine @tattooloversshop @skinart_mag @fusion_ink @fkirons @electrumstencilproducts @sullenclothing @tattooistartmag @inkedmag @spikeinkmaster
@raphaelbarrostattoo ・・・ Arya Stark #gameofthrones #aryastark #blackandgreytattoo #bng #tattoos #ink #inked #inkmaster #tattooartist #tatuagem #raphaelbarrostattoo #inkaddict #thebestattooartist #tattooedgirls #tattooistartmagazine #skinartmag @skinart_mag @tattooloversshop @inkedmag @inkmaster
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Kevin Follis
· 2 hours ago
A few years back my wife and I were tattooed by Natalia. It was my wife's 1st tattoo. Natalia put in a ton if work on the 2 of us. 10 to 11 hours total. She was so pleasant. In fact, my son recently v...isited Natalia for his 1st tattoo.

I, most recently, was tattooed by Derek. Such a cool experience and he killed it....

All our experiences have been enjoyable. Natalia and Derek are just down-to-earth, super talented artists. I don't see how you could go wrong with either of them for your tattoo work.

Thanks guys.
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Taylor Johnson
· January 9, 2018
I LOVE my piece done by Derek. Very professional and laid-back atmosphere made me feel more comfortable, especially as a first-timer. I was only expecting a consult, but when I showed my design to the... guy at the desk (didn't catch his name), he said it would be quick.

I can only give four stars because I feel like communication was a little lax; I only figured out my tattoo session would be done the same day because I evesdropped on the guy at the desk asking Derek if he thought it could be done same-day, and Derek replying yes. I still wasn't clear if "it" meant the consult, or the tattoo itself. But to be fair, I never asked; I was game for either, and I'm still very happy with the result! I will definitely be coming back here in the future.
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J.J. Lynch
· September 30, 2017
I LOVE my tattoo from Shayna. I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted which was an elaborate elephant tattoo on my foot that wasn't realistic. She was great at explaining why I needed simplify and p...ut it in a different spot on my foot. I found a design I loved and she adapted it to make it work. Additionally, she took me on a Friday night after work and stayed late to finish it up. It turned out amazing and we had the best conversation that took my mind off the uncomfortableness of it. Jon, the owner is so nice too and you can tell he's supportive of his artists. Great place all around! See More
Joshua Kruszyna
· January 27, 2018
Derek gave me my first tattoo here. Despite how large and complex it was, I was on the bench for less than two hours and the design came out perfectly. It cost exactly what I was quoted. I'll be getting all my ink done here! See More
Suzy Murray
· December 14, 2017
Had an amazing tattoo done by Jason yesterday. The time and attention he put into detail made a beautiful tattoo flawless. Jason is a wealth of knowledge on many things not just tattoos this made for ...pleasant conversation during an almost 3 hour session. See More
Amy Johanson
· August 23, 2017
I had my first tattoo done here yesterday, just a small 3/4" wrist tattoo. Steve (artist) and the front desk staff member (didn't grab his name) were so great. I was nervous that I would be looked dow...n on for being a first timer, but they treated me like anyone else. I felt comfortable and they did a fantastic job. I will definitely come back here for future tattoo and piercing needs! See More
Cait Robinson
· July 12, 2017
Went there this past Saturday on a whim to get second holes in my ear lobes. I called ahead and was told to come on down. The guy at the desk was nice and set up paperwork, then said it would take jus...t a few minutes before the piercer was ready. Over 10 minutes later, I was still in the waiting room. Apparently, the man also just hanging out was the piercer. I was super unimpressed that he sat there and wasted time watching TV. Very unprofessional. He then beckoned to me to follow him into the room. Never introduced himself (I found out later thru their website his name is Rob) and he basically ignored me but to rush thru what turned out to be a botch job of a piercing. He was rude to my husband and didn't give me the time of day. He never let me see where he planned to put holes in my ear lobes prior to piercing me. I was not prepared for the second piercing, causing a bit of shock and making the process quite unpleasant. After the fact he asked if I wanted to see the job and I was so pissed off I brushed him off. The damage had been done. I couldn't believe how unprofessional of a job he did. The placement is incredibly uneven and spaced so far from my first holes. I asked him how to undo the jewelry (it's UGLY and I wanted to change it as soon as healing was over) and he rolled his eyes and said "twist". Not helpful. Now I have to figure out how to take these damn things out and let them heal because of how horrible a job he did. NOT worth a penny of the $77 I was charged, and he definitely did not earn a tip! Disgusted! NEVER recommending this place! See More
John Ruby
· October 17, 2017
Tattooed by Derek Cilla, great experience all around from the front desk to the other artist I met and of course Mr. Cilla's personable and professional demeanor. if you are looking for a well done ta...ttoo and welcoming atmosphere I suggest Rt9 tattoo. See More
Tessa Virginia
· September 23, 2017
My little brother was home for 10 days from the Marines and really wanted to get his first tattoo. Not only did @[83701086:Derek Cilla] fit him in last min but he also did an amazing job! He's a fanta...stic Artist! See More
Katie Stoico
· December 6, 2017
Had a cover-up done by Steve Faherty and he brought my idea to life. He did an incredible job, was super clean and very friendly. I will absolutely go back there for my next. Thanks Route 9!
Patrick Nametz
· October 31, 2017
Saw Derek for a quick piece. As always, he is a consummate professional and outstanding in his field. He has a no bullshit approach with an eye for detail and perfection.
Michael JL
· July 2, 2017
Went and got a tattoo from Raphael Barros yesterday and I couldn't be happier with the result. Jon at the front desk was fantastic as well as all the employees. He ordered pizza for everyone and provi...ded a very relaxing atmosphere. The shop is clean and will definitely be going back for more work. I would've given it 10 stars but 5 was the highest. Thanks Route 9 tattoo & piercing See More
Ashley Scesny
· July 10, 2017
I decided to go here just because of how close it is to me. Worst decision of my life. I just turned 18 and went in to get my septum pierced, I was super nervous and the second I walked into the shop ...I was treated terribly. It took 15 minutes for someone to even great me. The piercer didn't even give me the choices of what type of ring to get in my nose.
He brought me in the piercing room, and the only upside was everything was extremely clean. He didn't even explain to me what was going on. He didn't say a word to me until I had to pay. It was terrible. Didn't explain the process, didn't explain how to properly clean, and he pierced me with an 18g when I wanted a 16g. He was so rude and I felt like I was being judged the entire time.
After everything happened my friend wanted to ask a tattoo artist for how much her tattoo would cost there. The tattoo artist and the piercer laughed at what she wanted told her it was "generic as fuck".
This was in 2012 and I'm soooo surprised this place is still open.
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Marie Saulnier Negron
· May 18, 2017
I had set up an appt. about a week before I went. The man at the front desk was very helpful when I explained what tattoo I wanted and the placement of it. I had reviewed all of the artists work on and since what I wanted had small details and color I asked for Steve Faherty..He made some slight changes to the design stencil so it could be a more cleaner sharper looking and he was right. Well working his magic he was playing some Irish music (which I like) and was humming along and an occassional stomp of the foot. It just made my visit very relaxing. Oh, and I love my tattoo ! So Steve gets 5 stars and the only reason I gave a 4 stars is because I'm rating everything I saw, everything was clean and neat but the waiting area furniture was pretty well worn out.. but I would still go there again as furniture does not portray the artist. See More
Jay Silverman
· January 28, 2018
Got a great piece from DERREK CILLA couldn't be happier with it...... clean shop great people
Megan Batista
· July 23, 2017
I think they have excellent customer service. They were able to fit me in on such short notice and made me a design in under 10 minutes that I fell in love with. There is parking which is a plus.
Deidra Whitcomb Noe
· June 11, 2017
They took so much time and patience with me to design the tattoo as a memorial for my son. I cannot say enough about the staff at Rt 9 Tattoo they are amazing. I will recommend Steve and the shop as a... whole to everyone . See More
Lisa Aiello
· September 23, 2017
I’ve had 3 tattoos done in three weeks now here. I’ve had Shayna do 2 of them and she was fantastic! I’ll definitely go back to her again.
Kayla Belair
· October 17, 2017
They're awesome. They always chat with you and make you feel welcomed. Always a good time. I don't go anywhere else
Dawn Fairbanks
· October 4, 2017
I get all my tatts here. Love this shop. Going to continue going here for future tatts

Custom artwork by Raphael Barros @raphaelbarrostattoos
Tattoo done couple weeks ago using @worldfamousink @electrumstencilproducts @fkirons #tattoos #ink #balckandgreytattoo #tattooartist #inked #inkedmag #inkmaster #tatuagem #skinartmag #tattoos #raphaelbarrostattoo #worldfamousink #fkirons #electrumstencilprimer #bostontattooartist #hustelhard #blessed #tatuador #brokenglass #skulltattoo #sullen

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Neo-Traditional rose on the knee by Derek Cilla @derek_redbeardtattoo
Hammer time on this rose, kids first tattoo and sat like a champ #onthatgrind #workhard #stayhumble #pushyourself #tattoo #tattooart #tattooartist #tattooartistmagazine #traditionaltattoo #traditional #rosetattoo #rose #traditionalrose #boldwillhold #blacklinesmatter #skinart #skinartmag #skinart_traditional #keeptattooingrad @stencilstuff @redemptiontattoocare @eternalink @workhorseirons @fkirons @kingpintattoosupply @rt9tattoo

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Thank you Karen and Chris it was an honor for me to do this such meaningful tattoo on Chris at the @villainarts #tattoos #meaningfullife #puppy #blessed #memorials #tatuagem #ink #inked #inkmaster #fkirons #worldfamousink #inkedmag #skinartmag #raphaelbarrostattoo #therapha #inkaddict #heliosneedles #tattooartist #colortattoo #dogtattoo #hustlehard #grind #tattooconvention #tattoocoverup #tattooloversshop #inkjunkeyz #inkfreakz #sullen #inkeeze #electrumstencilprimer @skinart_mag @inkmaster @inkedmag @fkirons @electrumstencilproducts @sullentv @tattooistartmag

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Started this today at @villainarts finishing up tomorrow with another puppy underneath 🐶 #tattoos #ink #inked #inkmaster #tattooconvention #rockingtheamericandream

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Through the Broken glass #tattoos #tattooed #tattooartist #brokenglass #raphaelbarrostattoo #inkmaster #hustlehard #blessed #tatuagem #inkedmag #sullen #fkirons #worldfamousink #electrumstencilprimer @skinart_mag @worldfamousink @fkirons @sullenclothing @electrumstencilproducts @tattooloversshop @inkmaster @inkedmag

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Tomorrow at Route 9 Tattoo & Body Piercing

The Finery will be at Route 9 Tattoo & Body Piercing February 6th!

The latest news for you
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Earth 🐺 #tattoo #earth #wolf #raphaelbarrostattoo #

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SNOW DAY!!!! ❄️ Closed tomorrow Thursday 1/4, back open regular hours Friday 12-8. Walk-ins welcome for Tattoos and Piercings!!
We apologize for any inconvenience, stay safe everyone!

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