hopes everyone has a safe 4th of july

i found a new Rueth crest i think this one is the right one because the other one says Rueth then under it it as ruth and it says this one came from Germany not sure if you guys are from Germany or not i going to check the picture because i am sure this is right the other one i can't find again not sure were i got that one also the url is

RuethAdams family crest, The Tree Maker, Germany ,

sorry the family website is not fully done yet and family tree getting the info also on june 12 we have a noll family reunion they are donating 135 dollars for the websites noll family website "i am the webmaster of noll family and rueth and all the family and clan website so you guy will be getting a real website domain like not sure if that domain is open or not but we will be having unlimited

go to and put your mouse over family cook book and click on submit recipe so we can make a family cook book

check your email for the family tree login if you don't get it let me know also our family website is

we just starting a family website for the rueth family powered by Noll Family Website which is my dad family "Tim Noll"