i honestly don't even want to watch Survivor tonight, sense Rupert's gone.. )':

whew, that was a close one! way to hang in there Rupert!


go Rupert!

who all's got awesome tie-dye stuff they rock like Rupert does?

ready for tonight's show everyone!?

Russel gets arrested this week in real life! -->…

The diminutive "villain" from this year's Survivor "Heroes vs Villains" Russell Dennis Hantz 37, was arrested immediately Friday night after shoving another tourist in Lafayette to attend the Festival Internacional de Louisiane. Hantz calls Dayton, Texas his home.

see, Jt should have believed Rupert!!

oh my goshhh, trust Rupert why don't you!

who all's watching the show tonight!? - i am!

Rupert looks scary all muddy! ha.

go check out this bio from Rupert - it made me laugh…

Rupert: Survivor. Rupert Boneham (45)

who all watched Survivor tonight?

"you got beat by a cripple and a fat man!" - haha. wow. Rupert's not thattt fat

it made me really sad when i found out Survivor was cancelled this week because of March Madness ): --> -- if you agree (probably only girls) join this page!

guys should have periods too

3rd episode tonight; yeahhhh baby

woooo, that fan number keeps rising&rising! show your support&love for Rupert by inviting your friends to join!

- hah. i absolutely loved Rupert during the 'mud fighting' challenge. it really made me laugh, and even more understand why i created this fan page