Dewch draw bore 'ma i sesiwn Mynydd Llandegai 10 o'r gloch. Caffi bach wedyn.

Come along to Mynydd Llandegai 10am today. Followed by a short cafe.

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Claire is not better today (Friday) and has to cancel the Friday class at Garth Community Centre. Sorry everybody.

Dim welliant heddiw (dydd Gwener) felly angen ganslo sesiwn Garth Bangor. Ymddiheurwn pawb.

Dim Swn a Sbri Bethel heddiw
No Bethel Swn a Sbri today 😟

Spiwch fan hyn bore fory (Dydd Iau) i weld os ydi sesiwn Bethel yn mynd ymlaen neu beidio. Claire dal yn sâl heno 😒
Watch this space in the morning to see if the Bethel session (Thursday) will be going ahead or not. Claire is still unwell this evening 😣

Claire dal yn sâl. Heb llais. Dim Swn a Sbri heddiw (dydd Mercher) yn Mynydd Llandegai. Plîs gadewch i'r bobol sydd ddim ar Facebook gwybod. Diolch.

Claire is still unwell. No voice. No Swn a Sbri today (wednesday) in Mynydd Llandegai. Please let the non-facebook people know. Thank you.

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A Mighty Girl

"The more risks you allow children to take, the better they learn to take care of themselves." -- Roald Dahl

For an insightful parenting book that explores the... value of encouraging risk-taking in children, check out "Free-Range Kids: How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children" at

For a related book focused specifically on child safety that gives parents the tools they need to allow kids freedom without losing sleep with worry, we highly recommend "Protecting The Gift: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (and Parents Sane)" at

Risk-taking also means the possibility of failure and this excellent parenting book explores how protecting children from failure often holds back their growth as well: "The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed" at

For two excellent books for kids about the value of embracing and learning from mistakes, check out "The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes" for ages 4 to 8 ( and "What To Do When Mistakes Make You Quake" for ages 7 to 12 (

And, for books for children about the wonders of outdoor exploration and discovery, visit our blog post, "Explore Your World: 25 Mighty Girl Books About Outdoor Discovery," at

Thanks to The Wild Network for sharing this wonderful quote!

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Claire yn sâl heddiw felly dim sesiwn yn Llanberis pnawn 'ma (dydd Mawrth). Plîs gadewch i'r criw wybod. Diolch.

Claire is unwell today so no session in Llanberis this afternoon (Tuesday). Please can you let the Tuesday crew know. Thank you.

Swn a Sbri ar FFIT Cymru neithiwr! Da iawn ti Catherine am dalier ati gyda'r taith. Rwyt ti'n ysbydoli llawer iawn o bobol.
Swn a Sbri on FFIT Cymru last night! Well done Catherine for sticking with it on your journey. You are inspiring so many people.

Mae Lisa yn ymweld â meithrinfa ym Mrithdir i weld sut mae plant yn dysgu am fwyta'n ia...
Sat 10:00 AM UTC+01Mynydd Llandegai Neuadd Goffa
22 people interested

Does dim sesiwn yfory (dydd Iau) ym Methel sori. Dydd Gwener ymlaen fel arfer, wedyn dydd Llun yn gwyl y banc felly dim sesiwn. Nôl fel arfer dydd Mawrth. Hwyl am y tro. Claire

No session in Bethel tomorrow (thursday) sorry. Friday going ahead as normal. Monday is a bank holiday so no session. Back to normal Tuesday. Ta ra! Claire

Fydd Swn a Sbri ar FFIT Cymru wsos nesa, dim heno.
Swn a Sbri will be on FFIT Cymru next week, not tonight.

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The Parent Bible

Hahaha, ain't this the truth 😂😂😂

Image: Muddled Up Mummy

Tennis 4 Kids @ Bangor tennis club. Search your postcode in the link attached. £25 for lessons, racket and t-shirt. Spaces still available. Please share

Tennis for Kids is a starter course for kids aged between 4 and 11. Every child will experience 6 high-quality lessons; and will be given a Babolat racket, ball-set, and personalised T-Shirt all for just £25.
Sat 10:00 AM UTC+01Castell Caernarfon / Caernarfon CastleCaernarfon, United Kingdom
523 people interested