So sad to hear about passing of one of the greatest guitarists of all times, Allan Holdsworth.
He left us a great library of unique sounds that fill his amazing records.

The picture shows Allan with Tom, our manager at the time....
Photo was taken by Todd Forkin of starkweather

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Robert as a representative and owner of his company
E X P L O Film was present at the event where two giant artists collaborated together on stage: Decapitated celebrating its 20th anniversary invited Peter from Vader to perform one of the songs. Witnessed and documented by Robert himself, here's the proof:

#ExplofIlm #Decapitated #Vader

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E X P L O Film

Książka napisana i zredagowana przez naczelnego, znanego na całym świecie Decibel Magazine. Kilka słów przedmowy zawarł w niej John Peel, który lata temu na ant...enie radia BBC prezentował jako jeden z pierwszych, czadowy Extreme Noise Terror (Official). W książce nie mogło zabraknąć Vader, a skoro mowa o historii, dzięki Peterowi padła w niej także nazwa Slashing Death. Slashing, moja pierwsza, twórcza nieśmiertelność.

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An artist never stops being an artist. The form of expression and communication might change, but not his nature.
Here's Piotr Wasyluk, SAMO's singer on "S1" and "Plex Zero", sporting his one and only SAMO t-shirt (sorry, they're out of print), and holding his new tool in place of the microphone.

#SAMO #S1 #PlexZero #PiotrWasyluk

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So our label Husaria Records is giving away free copies of "Plex Zero" CD EP with every order of Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects "Sol Niger Within" 2LP [HR33] containing digit "3" in the order number!

Congrats to the lucky ones!!!

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Rob during yesterday's visit to the radio UWM FM.

That was a cool show!
We wish it'd take a little longer - never enough stories from Robert's colorful career.

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People of Poland!
Robert Gasperowicz will be talking about all his video and music projects - including SAMO - on Thursday, at 10pm (Warsaw Time) on UWM FM 95,9 MHz radio show.
You'll also be able to listen to it at
Don't miss this chance, and find out (more) things you haven't know about Rob, and his very creative life.

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E X P L O Film is with Robert Gasperowicz.

W czwartek o godzinie 22.00, EXPLO na antenie UWM Fm.
Zostałem zaproszony do udziału w audycji. Rozmowa na temat produkcji klipów, tworzenia muzyki wykluczonej... i generalnie bycia "tu i teraz". Zagramy ostro z CD i z Vinyla.
Wszystkiego co mnie bezpośrednio łączy z obrazem i dźwiękiem nie zdążylibyśmy odpalić, jednak skondensowany strzał po kabelkach powinien skutecznie podnieść ciśnienie słuchaczom. Zapraszam! ZAKŁAD PATOLOGII DŹWIĘKU, Radio UWM Fm 95,9MHz,

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Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects' "Sol Niger Within" is one of the most important albums in a history of avant-grade heavy music.
Our label Husaria Records is now taking pre-orders for the limited edition 2LP - its first time ever vinyl pressing.
The album is a debut solo recording from Fredrik Thordendal of Meshuggah.
Get your copy before they disappear for good!

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Exploited Media's recent post is mysteriously hope-giving.
Is Rob creating something that we all are waiting for?
...or maybe composing a soundtrack to his latest video project?
Nobody knows!
Hopefully we'll find out soon...

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E X P L O Film

Gity zamiast kamery Ostatnie dni to współpraca z tymi "ludźmi", gitara też człowiek.
#GibsonExplorer #SansAmp #SonarProfessional

...and the 2nd video clip that premiered yesterday is of another Polish band ATROCIOUS FILTH.
Single "Moans" got the serious visual treatment from Exploited Media, that's right.
Robert proves again that he's 'no joke' when it comes to visual arts, too.
Watch and admire.

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Utwór promujący EP ATROCIOUS FILTH. Reżyseria: Robert Gasperowicz / EXPLOITED MEDIA

1 of 2 videos written and directed by Robert Gasperowicz / Exploited Media that premiered yesterday is INSIDIUS' first single "The Final Journey" from their upcoming album.
This visual production is really, really advanced.
Check it out!

Pierwszy "singiel" INSIDIUS z płyty „Shadows of Humanity”. Reżyseria: Robert Gasperowicz / EXPLOITED MEDIA https://ww...

Tom Smaga, the founder and owner of an American record label Husaria Records talks with the journalist of the music portal about the label, SAMO's music, and the friendship between him and Robert Gasperowicz, plus reveals the story behind Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects vinyl release and speaks on the modern state of the music:…/

Tomek of independent quality record label Husaria Records narrates the story of immersing himself in music, carrying out its mission and his newest project, first vinyl pressing of MESHUGGAH 1997 side project, Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects' "Sol Niger Within"!

And here is another short video clip done by our own Robert Gasperowicz/Exploited Media.
SAMO's mastermind numerous talents are known to his fans, but nobody really expected him to become such a skilled filmmaker.
This time he made the video to the song from the new album of Polish death metal heavyweights INSIDIUS.

The teaser looks simply stunning.

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Zapowiedź klipu"The Final Journey". Muzyka: Insidius. Reżyseria: Robert Gasperowicz/Exploited Media https://www.insi...

Achtung! Achtung!
Message for the Polish fans!

Wszyscy miłośnicy SAMO mieszkajacy w Polsce, którzy wciaż jeszcze sa zainteresowani naszymi płytami, moga je od teraz nabyć legalnie i bez obaw w sklepie Allegro naszego wspaniałomyślnego kolegi, ukrywajacego się pod pseudonimem SLDFontanna (jedyny autoryzowany diler SAMO na terenach Rzeczpospolitej).


ALERT! Kup teraz! ALERT!

Pozwoli Wam to zaoszczedzić kupę forsy na kosztach wysyłki pobieranych przez imperialistyczna poczte amerykanska.


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Allegro - najwięcej ofert w jednym miejscu. Radość zakupów i 100% bezpieczeństwa dla każdej transakcji. Kup Teraz!

Robert Gasperowicz (SAMO / ex-SlashingDeathDEALER) + Vader = Slashing•Death {NoReturn} > cover

from the album Future of the Past II - Hell in the East

For their new album Vader recorded the song which Robert Gasperowicz composed with his late '80s band SLASHING DEATH. For now don't expect any new SAMO releases, but when you reach for "Future Of The Past II - Hell In The East" you'll be able to hear how Vader interpreted that grind/core song, and what will probably appear interesting to you - how Gasperowicz's vocal sounds these days:…/vader-to-release-future-of-…/

Polish death metal legends VADER - currently touring in South America - are far from slowing down, even for a bit. That's right folks! Right after the succesful tour with VENOM INC., VADER entered ...

Latest news from our label Husaria Records are stunning!
Husaria signed Fredrik Thordendal and will release a vinyl version of his classic debut solo album from 1997.
So now we are label mates with the guitarist of Meshuggah! It's a pleasure to be under one roof with such a legendary musician.
Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects "Sol Niger Within" 2x12" LP will come out later next year.
Audiophiles, get ready!...
For more details and info visit:

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