Florida's LARGEST Spring Home Show!
SILVER LINING STERLING JEWELRY will be BOTTH # 128, in the Arts/Crafts Row.
Come get some home decor ideas AND beautiful baubles for yourself!

Mar 16 - Mar 18Florida State FairgroundsTampa, FL

Three color sparkling chains make a delicate statement - so pretty alone, or with multi length chains together. All sterling with a mixture of yellow gold and rose gold overlay. Rhodium plated for lasting shine!

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SO EXCITED to get these beautiful chains again! Sterling silver with rise gold and yellow gold overlays. Rhodium played to keep their sparkle & shine.
Chains at 16, 18, 20, 24, 30, 36.
Adjustable matching bead bracelets.
Multi color earrings.

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Lovely Larimar

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MY FAVORITE FIND! This gorgeous BLUE TURQUOISE stone is from Kazakhstan. Not sure how much is in this mine (recently discovered in 2013), but I look forward to finding more of it as it trickles into our country.
Set in brushed sterling, Native American made and signed.

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SILVER LINING sterling silver jewelry
Shopping & Retail

This SATURDAY, MARCH 10 - LOTS of NEW JEWELRY added this week!

As thhis location is the starting point for the St. Patrick's Day parade, San Marco St. may be closed at 10am until the parade clears the area. There should be parking behind the armory or around the library. The area should be cleared around 11am.
Please note the EXTENDED hours of this event - 10am - 5pm.

okay, so I went a little bit crazy at Market...... hopefully I'll get it inventoried this week and get photos on here!
Also, my next event is MARCH 10 here in Saint Augustine. Details to follow......!

To Market, to Market
To buy some new BLING!
Can't wait to share it all
At my Shows this Spring!!!

Say it with Mookaite!

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SILVER LINING sterling silver jewelry
Shopping & Retail

Show schedule will be fun this year - Tampa (Home Show) in March, Nashville (Southern Women's Show) in April, Lawrence (LMH NURSES DAY!) in May ~ can't wait to get my traveling store on the road!!!

VALENTINE'S DAY is around the corner!

SHOW YOUR PRIDE for the JAGUARS with this beautiful gemstone jewelry! This is the LAST SET I have in stock! Apatite set in heavy brushed Sterling Silver. 5 stone pendant on long 32" toggle chain. LOVE!

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Joy, Love, Peace, Light, Humility, Kindness, Generosity
~ Happy Holidays to ALL ~

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Under your tree by Christmas!

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Nancy Taylor Flavin

It's not too late ~ Order soon to get it by Christmas!

IT'S NOT TOO LATE to order that perfect gift ~ I'm happy to ship!!!

Just received this beautiful set of the natural gemstone, Apatite. Hand made in brushed sterling silver. 5 stone pendant is attached to a 32" chain. This may be the last time I am able to offer this as the prices are almost doubling for these pieces. Love this beautiful color!

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SILVER LINING sterling silver jewelry

These beautiful blue beauties are Owyhee Blue Opals, discovered in 2003 in Oregon.
They are considered to be "stones of calm, quiet strength". No surprise, giv...en their calm, blue sky coloring.

MORE INFO:Among all Opal types, Owyhee Opal is regarded as the rarest form. As a random crystalline stone, Owyhee Opal is a form of sedimentary rock that is relatively found in the low temperatures. When talked about its physical composition, Owyhee Opal is high in the silica and the water content. Further, it is too composed of oxygen and hydrogen, thus known to prone to the heat and the acidic environment. Owyhee blue opal is mostly extracted from Oregon.

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