Hey all! I've been asked several times about how I create my "personal brand" videos for my #Instagram Account. See below examples in the comments. If you guys want me to create a guide + tutorial (accessible to you via email in a secret link or via my subscriber list: let me know in the comments, PM me or hit the like so I can get a gauge on your interest. Also, tell me your level of editing experience, so I know how to craft this free "behind the scenes guide" for you.

Happy video making


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Create Videos for Instagram via Bianca Te Rito

#Mindset #Wellbeing for all you loving Mumma-bears out there. Spotted this! Not my usual content but felt it important fyi:

My daughter is ten. She wants me to download the app on my phone so she can make funny lip-sync videos. Everyone has it, she…
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LA Sottile
· February 11, 2017
BIANCA is way cool and really knows her stuff! Her way of explaining touchy spots for me, being a bit older now, was with respect and a nurturing quality that inspires me to complete my project. THANKS! LA
Christine McSherry
· March 28, 2017
I am doing videos for e-learning right now, and this site offers incredibly valuable advice!

Video presenter wellbeing. If you are a little on the sensitive side (nothing wrong with that) How to Stop Taking Things Personally:

8 steps to start taking things less personally.

(hehe) #throwback super vintage video production. But timeless relevant info for your #video #strategy yep was banging on about this circa 2011:… Video Presentation Coaching with Bianca Te Rito: An "ed-u-tainment" series, where we share video presentation insider tips, t...

Video folks! Need to do some deep focus work without music? Just click the sound icons I have rain, whitenoise, fire and ocean. Bliss!

Listen to your favorite ambient sounds with music in timed productivity sessions. Ambient sounds includes rain sounds, library sounds, white noise and more.

This Is Where Body Fat Actually Goes When You Lose Weight #wellbeing #health

Despite society's obsession with weight loss, a study has revealed that, surprisingly, most health professionals don't actually know what happens to fat when we "lose it".

“Yet you can have half a million followers on YouTube and still be working at Starbucks.”

Dreaming of fame and fortune? Perhaps you should think again.

(lol don't quit your day job) ‘Success’ on YouTube Still Means a Life of Poverty #videomarketing #vlogger

Dreaming of fame and fortune? Perhaps you should think again.

Who is really in the control seat? Ever tried to reason with an algorithm? also check out the series Carbon copy (similar themes, discrimination, poor/wealth with tech etc)

Policymakers must apply the lessons of the horseless carriage to the driverless car

Video content creators! Best time to upload your #Youtube #videos? Interesting data (from "those" who would know): #videomarketing

Is watching online video on TV so different from watching TV content on TV? Check out the latest YouTube audience research for insights.

Guys! Think about this in your video marketing and socials: Google’s AI can predict whether humans will like an image or not: #videopresenter #videomarketing #socialmedia #marketing

Google's AI researchers are teaching AI how to determine whether an image is aesthetically pleasing or not.|By The Next Web

Video presenter #wellbeing Guys! No matter your video subject you as the presenter still need to be healthy and vibrant onscreen.

Look Hot on the Beach. Earn it! Burn fat and most importantly grow strong! #fitnesslife #gymlife #fitlife #fitness #fun

Burn Fat! Build Total Body Strength with Overhead Plate Squats! Guys, this overhead movement can be super challenging and taxing on the body and the mind - w...

Video Presenter #wellbeing. Guys a must read: How Your Gut Bacteria Can Influence Your Weight #health #fitness #livewell #lifestyle

Your gut bacteria play several important roles in your health. Here's how your gut bacteria can influence your weight.

A giant on the decline? Young Americans no longer use Facebook #socialmedia #marketing

In 2018, less than half of American internet users ages 12 to 17 will be using Facebook, a research firm says.

Oh, dear..."deep learning technology to map female celebrities’ faces onto pornographic performers, with startlingly lifelike results".

Last month, Motherboard reported on a Redditor using deep learning technology to map female celebrities’ faces onto pornographic performers, with startlingly lifelike results. By scanning a bunch of images of a celebrity’s face, the software was able to imagine what they’d look like grafted in...