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Walt Schurman
· June 26, 2014
I quit shopping here when:

1. I saw the produce dept with rotten fruits, and gnats. Bruised fruits and vegetables that have clearly been mishandled, and when they blamed the weather. Which is outside..., and the food is inside.

2. Their freezers and coolers keep going out leaving foods to spoil and rot. They then collect it up, store it, and put it back like nothing happened. That's a huge health risk to anyone.

3. Their meats are bottom quality. It's St. Helens beef, but is clearly the cheapest cuts you can possibly get. Most other stores would sell it as wholesale meats. They charge WAY too much.

4. They have a bin near some coolers where they sell highly out dated and rotten meats. When meat is black, it's rotten. When you can smell fish through plastic. It's rotten.

5. During their seafood outdoor get togethers. They will freeze the leftovers for god knows how long. and still sell it at face value. Even when the things have been frozen for months.

6. The deli is over priced, over greasy, and sometimes I wonder if the chicken is even cooked all the way through. Last time I bought a rotisserie chicken. It was still pink at the bone. Pink means raw. Also, why would a small chicken cost $6 - $8?

7. Their prices are the highest I've ever seen.

This is what I know. I haven't been in there in a long time. But when I do go in there. I make a round, look at all the high prices, see the horrible looking foods, then come to my senses and leave.
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Julian Morales
· September 2, 2016
I thought it was cool. What I didn't like was folks being greedy and sneaky with the crab. Meaning people were taking " to go " boxes, putting it in a bag, then in their car, then coming back for I do not believe the servers were aware and I didn't notice it until someone pointed it out to me as I was leaving. Pretty sad people do that. But thank you Market Fresh having the event. See More
Byron Ohler
· December 25, 2013
My favorite place in town to shop for groceries....
Colleen Ohler
· December 10, 2013
Excellent customer service. Local meats. Good selection. It is where we shop!!
Kassi Ryan
· May 6, 2014
Always great service!
Sally Mbarak
· November 7, 2013
I love Marcie..... :) Lisa Mbarak
Ginny Carlson
November 18, 2016
Preholiday open house wish I had disguises to keep going back for more yummy food got a few new treats headed home yay Friday
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